Let’s talk about cinema: in-depth meetings with experts and scholars at Villa Maria

Let’s talk about cinema: in-depth meetings with experts and scholars at Villa Maria
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In-depth meetings continue”Let’s talk about cinema” at the Labronica Library, Villa Maria headquarters, Documentation Center on the performing arts: Friday 12th And Friday 19 April two events not to be missed to discover news and curiosities about Italian cinema and its characters.

The initiative is promoted by the Municipality of Livorno and organized by Cooperativa Itinera.

The first meeting is a tribute to Taviani brothers thanks to the contribution of Enrico Mannari taken from the chapter “Our neighborhood, Marco gets married: the two experiences of mass theater” of his book “The red heart of Livorno“, Carocci editions. while the second sees the presentation of the new book by Marco Bardini by title “Medieval cinema 1965-1976” ETS editions.

The appointment on April 12th at 5.30 pm, entitled “The beginnings of the Taviani Brothers between Cine Club and mass theatre“, has as its theme the first experiences of the famous directors of San Miniato, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, who found their way into cinema between Pisa and Livorno after an academic debut, and in particular following the experience of the people’s theater which they did in the San Marco district with Valentino Orsini.

In his volume, Enrico Mannari recounts the role of participation and sociality played in the post-war period by the Pontino and San Marco sections of Livorno, also through this singular experience of mass theatre. The meeting will also see the participation of Paolo Bruciati for an in-depth analysis of Cine Clubs.
Mannari was director of the Cooperative Memories Foundation and teacher at the Open Government and institutional communication master’s degree at Luiss “Guido Carli”.

The topic of the April 19th event is the costume film comedy between 1965 and 1976: referring to the novels of the 14th and 16th centuries, this genre was very popular in Italy with authors such as Lattuada, Monicelli and Scola, but also Festa Campanile , Amendola and Corbucci and also involved Pier Paolo Pasolini, Zeffirelli, Garinei & Giovannini and De Bosio. Marco Bardini is a professor of Contemporary Italian Literature at the University of Pisa. After the volume “Boccaccio Pop”, he continues with his investigation into the cinematic declination of the fundamental texts of Italian literature.

Villa Maria – Documentation center on the performing arts – Labronica Library
Via F. Redi 22 – (also entrance from Via Calzabigi 54) – Livorno
For information and reservations: Tel. 0586219265 – 219151 [email protected]

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