A literary prize for the schools of Modica. It is dedicated to mothers

A literary prize for the schools of Modica. It is dedicated to mothers
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Called the first edition of the “mother’s heart” literary prize addressed to the schools of Modica. The award is aimed at pupils in primary and secondary schools in the city of Modica and was promoted by President of the Modica City CouncilMariacristina Minardo and fromcouncilor for Social and Educational PoliciesChiara Facello with the full support of Mayor Maria Monisteri.

It is dedicated to the memory of Lady Bianca Giuntarecently passed away.

The award is annually. The theme of this year’s competition is “Mother’s hugs”.

The essay may be written in Italian or in a local dialect. The possibility is recognized for foreign children to be able to write the essay in prose or poetry in their own language of origin with a parallel translation.

The pupils of the Modica schools will have time until 12.00 of the April 12, 2024 to present the works.

The works will be evaluated by a jury made up of at least 5 members, chosen from teachers, authors and experts in the sector, including the Education Councilor and the president of the Municipal Council of the municipality of Modica. The winners will be proclaimed by the jury on May 16th at 6.30 pm in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Modica in the presence of the institutions.

THE prizes up for grabs from the company promoting the event consist of a voucher of 250 euros for first place, 150 for second and 100 for third place. Half of the corresponding sum will be donated to books that can be freely chosen by the winner. Each class to which the winner of the competition belongs will be assigned a sum of 100 euros each to be spent on teaching materials according to the instructions of the school director.

If there are two or three winners in the same class, the same class will be entitled to the corresponding prize sum.

Further details of the prize can be found on the website www.premiocuoredimamma.com

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