NO CAPO PELORO BRIDGE – Garrison in front of the Strait of Messina counter at the Palacultura

NO CAPO PELORO BRIDGE – Garrison in front of the Strait of Messina counter at the Palacultura
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The note from the NO PONTE CAPO PELORO committee

The news of the publication of the “notice for the initiation of proceedings for pre-arranged constraint on expropriation and declaration of public utility” of the Strait of Messina does not catch us unprepared.
The Noponte Capo Peloro committee had already indicated a path to follow together with the expropriated parties, in view of the publication of the expropriation notice, on the occasion of the ‘We are all expropriated’ assembly on 16 March.
We will therefore be present starting from Monday 8 April at 3.00 pm in front of the Palacultura on Viale Boccetta (where the Strait of Messina is preparing to open an information desk), to provide counter-information, support citizens who will turn to the Company’s desks and counteract yet another deception to the detriment of the territory. It will be an opportunity to coordinate the future legal offensive with which we intend to flood the Strait of Messina with appeals and report any violation of the law.
In this regard, we highlight that law no. 58/2023 provided in art. 3 bis that a decree from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport must be adopted by June 2023 which provides, with regard to expropriation procedures, a virtual drawer and a virtual file to facilitate access to the documents of interested parties and guarantee publicity and transparency of the procedures. Well there is no trace of all this adding yet another violation of the same law that they have given themselves.
Enough with the deceptive, misleading and non-transparent communications on the bridge project, enough with the violations of the Constitution and current legislation, the Strait cannot be touched and we will defend it with the fight.

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