Praticò intervenes on the post shared by Ballarino and Bandecchi’s reaction

Praticò intervenes on the post shared by Ballarino and Bandecchi’s reaction
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During the broadcast “Amaranth moments“, broadcast on Videotouring, inevitably the topic that took center stage yesterday was discussed and concerned the sharing of an article by the DG Dancer on the reasons of the Supreme Court regarding the seizure of 20 million euros from the mayor of Terni Bandecchiwith the harsh reaction of the former president of Ternana. The thoughts of the Club Manager of LFA Reggio Giuseppe Praticò.

I start from the assumption that the patron Dancer shared a link without a comma of comment, regarding the reasons for a sentence and therefore news that no one reported to Reggio Calabria. Maybe thanks to this post we can talk about it. I do not know Bandecchiis certainly a very serious entrepreneur and I don’t judge him, close to the events Reggina and also policies of our city. I was surprised, I repeat, that the local newspapers didn’t talk about it. What leaves a bad taste in the mouth is the doctor’s reaction Bandecchi who in my opinion perhaps immediately let himself go, transcending into insults or shading offences, talking about corruption that would have occurred in the recent past. It’s not good for the city and insults are clearly never legitimized. If, in his opinion, there has been corruption, there are the tools to report it“.


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