«We want buses even on holidays»

«We want buses even on holidays»
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A contract signed between the Campania Region and Busitalia for Salerno and its province, currently being extended because it is awaiting the award of the tender for local public transport, that we will try to changeIndeed, it will necessarily have to vary.

Above all to guarantee transport coverage in the city of Salerno and surrounding areas even on public holidays in which the service is not currently provided (Easter, Christmas, August 15th and New Year). An attempt will therefore be made to snatch the full optional with 365 days a year of kilometers to be covered for drivers and employees of the company branch that holds the agreement with Palazzo Santa Lucia (public transport has now become a regional responsibility). Word of Luca Casconepresident of the transport commission of the organization led by Vincenzo De Luca.

He had already anticipated it, in the aftermath of the controversy that erupted due to the stop of buses on Easter Sunday, when the city of Arechi was literally stormed by tourists flocking to Salerno. A pressure test that did not bring the hoped-for results except in numbers and sold-out attendance in the accommodation facilities. And if we need to talk about numbers, those that are transformed into votes on the question report, we were probably unable to reach full sufficiency under transport.

«We had a somewhat particular Easter because the heavy seas prevented most of the maritime services from starting. On the other hand we have the historical problem of the Busitalia contract – Cascone had declared – which does not provide services during holidays. We have already committed to next year with the new contract that we will sign.”

As in a loop: currently the contract being extended cannot be modified, the company should thus take care to find a union agreement with the workers with the consequent push and pull also and above all from an economic point of view between overtime and extras. «The contract is being extended because there is an ongoing tender procedure which will be defined shortly. We can’t change it now. With the signing of the new contract – Cascone specified – we will clarify that the service will have to be guaranteed on the days marked in red on the calendar”.

The announcement

The tender notice issued by Acamir (Campania Mobility, Infrastructure and Networks Agency) with a deadline set at the end of 2023 provided for 4 lots including one for Salerno and its province, one for Avellino and Benevento, one for Caserta and one for Naples and its province. Transport therefore – under regional responsibility – is then divided by province by mileage and to guarantee a high number of the latter. For example, 4 million km are currently guaranteed for the province of Salerno, of which 1.7 million are destined for the city of Arechi. «The problem also existed in some areas of the Neapolitan area, obviously dependent on the transport companies operating in the various areas. It depends on the contracts stipulated and whether they include public holidays. By including holidays obviously – concluded Cascone – there will be additional costs to be incurred which the Region will pay but three days have no impact, it is not a cost problem. The company is now unable to ask the unions to carry out this day as it is not foreseen in the upstream contract, signed in 2004 with the Region”.

In short, a problem that comes from the past and on which we are trying to change course also in view of the start of flights from Pontecagnano airport. In this regard, the Busitalia service and the connection with the airport will not experience the same problems. Apparently, in fact, the adoption of a dedicated bus line that will shuttle to and from Pontecagnano is being defined with a new contract to be signed with the local public transport company already present which will provide – by force of things – a service always guaranteed, including public holidays for tourists and citizens who want to crowd the streets of heaven – finally – also from Salerno.

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