Record Easter tourist influx in Sicily

Boom in tourist presences in Sicily from Holy Saturday to Easter Monday. The data released by the Region. The interventions of Schifani and councilor Scarpinato.

Record influx of visitors during the Easter weekend and Easter Monday in Sicily. Travelers from every corner of the planet visit the island’s cultural sites. Between Saturday and Monday there were almost 8,500 visitors to the ancient theater of Taormina, the Museum and the archaeological area of ​​Naxos. Then the Valley of the Temples and the Pietro Griffo Archaeological Museum with almost 6,000 tickets. Over 2,500 tourists admired the mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina. The Trapani area did well with the Selinunte archaeological park where 1,277 entries were counted. And Segesta Park, returned to the public after last year’s devastating fire, was visited by 1,371 people. In the Palermo area, attendance boomed at the Cathedral of Monreale, with the cloister chosen by 817 visitors. The Zisa castle, under restoration, welcomed 118 tourists. The Antonino Salinas Archaeological Museum, where the exhibition “Sicily/Greece/Magna Graecia” is underway, 120, and the Gallery of Palazzo Abatellis 286. The President of the Region, Renato Schifani, comments: “The unparalleled cultural and monumental wealth it is confirmed for Sicily as one of the main attractive elements of tourist flows, like the natural heritage. It is a deposit of beauty, of inexhaustible history in which my government continues to invest to further grow one of the most important voices of our economy. The appreciation of visitors proves this incontrovertibly. For this reason we are committed to the valorisation and promotion of sites, as in the case of the Telamone of the Valley of the Temples, and for a strengthened protection as in the case of the Roman Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina, where I am working personally to resolve some critical issues”. And the councilor for Cultural Heritage, Francesco Paolo Scarpinato, adds: “Sicily confirms itself as a first-rate cultural destination. With the start of the spring season we expect this positive trend to continue and that more and more people will be able to discover and appreciate the wonders that our region has to offer.”

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