55 accommodations are available from the Lodge, a fifth of those promised

The mountain gave birth to the little mouse. Or maybe not? Those who expected a tender for public housing services (SAP) that could provide an answer to the hunger for homes that is being recorded in Brescia turn up their noses and openly speak of a “mocking notice”: in fact, only 115 units of accommodation have been made available in the capital from the Municipality of Brescia (55), Aler (59) and the Municipality of Collebeato (1), growing by only 20% compared to 2023. In 2023, 94 council homes were made available, although at the end of the year the allocations, in light of the turnover due to deaths or transfers, rose to 148.

The disappointment has its roots in late February, when it was presented the 2024 housing plan from the Housing Department of the Municipality of Brescia: «257 real estate units available for assignment» stated the press release issued by the Lodge, but a month later those actually available are in practice five times less than those envisaged. Specifically, on that occasion, the housing councilor Alessandro Cantoni explained how «113 housing units will be available again by the end of the year following renovation or recovery works, and will be added to other accommodation already redeveloped, bringing the total to 257 SAP accommodations expected to be available for assignment within the year.”

The crux lies in the adverb “predictably”, which in reality translates into aoffer decidedly reduced compared to expectations and it certainly doesn’t make us think of that “change of pace” announced by the Administration: at the moment the demand for public housing in the city, with its 1100 applications made in 2023, would suggest that only one in ten could aspire to enter housing popular. However, the municipal technical offices say they are convinced that the numbers will return and the assignments will truly be those promised. The downward figure would in fact be the result of various subtractions: from the 257 promised accommodations, those that are still settling in (113), those that will be freed with the turnover (55 for the Municipality of Brescia alone, a decidedly optimistic estimate) must be removed ) and 34 assigned with another tender, or destined for the “moderate fee” (therefore SAS and not SAP assignments, therefore differently from what was supported in February).
Communication errors and bombastic announcements aside, what is certain is that the notice published yesterday will serve to draw up the ranking of who will find the house assigned. Predictably, it goes without saying.

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