«The funds from the pact between the mayor and the minister are decisive»

«The funds from the pact between the mayor and the minister are decisive»
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The institutional synergy between the Minister for Culture holds Gennaro Sangiuliano and the mayor Gaetano Manfredi. And yesterday in Rome at the Mic on the occasion of the presentation of Pompeii theatrum mundi the synergy has taken on the characteristics of Pact for culture with Naples at the center of many projects. Starting from the 18 million that Sangiuliano put on the table to fix the Male Angevin which had to close its doors during the Easter holidays because it was raining stones. «There is a desire on the part of the minister – says Manfredi – to finance this major overall restoration of the Maschio Angioino, the Municipality has asked for 18 million, but the project is there». On the controversy triggered by some local Fdi exponents who accused the Municipality of not using the funds for the Maschio Angioino that were already there, Gaetano Manfredi explains how things are. «Institutional dialogue has never been lacking, in fact we talk about it continuously with the minister, I don’t know where Fdi got this information from. We asked for 18 million, I spoke about it with the minister who is formalizing the act, they are Mic funds for the new programming. There is no lack of dialogue, in fact we formulated the request together, there is only a bureaucratic problem.” Manfredi is referring to the request made already last year, hence the clarification of the funds which belong to the Mic. And since millions do not grow in the field of miracles there are technical times to take into account.

The backstory

Before the press conference Manfredi and Sangiuliano had a face-to-face meeting that lasted approximately 30 minutes. Where the situation was taken stock of the situation. In the city the Mic works not only on the Maschio Angioino but also on theHotel for the Poor where 115 million were invested and then on museums. The point is the appointments, Naples in the Easter days the mayor’s reasoning recorded mind-boggling numbers while in Capodimonte the expected boom did not occur. And it is no coincidence, according to the Municipality, that the director is there Eike Schmidt is in the balance, suspended between remaining in the Palace or accepting the centre-right candidacy for mayor of Florence. Today the German would be much closer to changing residence or running for the tricolor band of the Tuscan capital. And a museum of that level without a leader doesn’t even have a soul. In short, Manfredi prudently tried to understand from the minister what stage any new appointments are at. Because there would also be the expiring Mann to deal with. «We didn’t talk about appointments with the minister – explains Manfredi who doesn’t intend to start a controversy in the midst of a synergy with the Mic which is bringing benefits to the city – the hope is that the interims retire as soon as possible, but the museums they are not headless, rather we talked about something else with the minister.” That is «the shuttle that the Municipality will soon deploy and which will connect all the museum sites and also Capodimonte. The shuttle will be from ANM, it will be a sort of Alibus but for the museums, it existed until 2018 and was then abolished.” A summit during which it was reiterated that the Albergo dei Poveri is now an open construction site with an executive project and that at the beginning of the new year there will be a public notice addressed to entrepreneurs who intend to install hotels, bars and restaurants.

The Mercadante theater

The reality is that Manfredi spoke a lot with Sangiuliano about Mercadante where the mayor would like him to remain in his position as director Roberto Andò. The former rector tried to sense the current situation in the Government regarding the spoils system in the national theater of Naples. Interlocutory discussion with Sangiuliano to whom he nevertheless gave his preference. Just as he confirmed that «the Municipality and the Metropolitan City invest 1.4 million each in the building». And to those who ask him about the funding from the Region that has not yet arrived he replies like this: “Don’t ask me but them” explains Manfredi. The regional councilor for Tourism was also present at the press conference Felice Casucci. But those from the Santa Lucia institution are speaking: «These are development and cohesion funds and everything is blocked».

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