we’ll kill you. They wanted me to withdraw the complaint” – -

we’ll kill you. They wanted me to withdraw the complaint” – -
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The police managed to convince her to take her things and leave Palermo. A journey to a protected location and perhaps a new life await the girl from Palermo who, on the night of July 7th, she had been raped by seven peers in the abandoned construction site of the Foro Italico, in the Sicilian capital. Then the neighborhood where she lived did not support her, on the contrary the family members of her attackers, who ended up in prison thanks to her complaint, addressed serious threats to her. And two days ago the script would have repeated itself. The protagonists, this time, are a minor who attempted to rape her months ago, who the victim had reported, and her mother.

In Ballarò

On Monday night Asia was with her boyfriend in Ballarò, a neighborhood known for its historic market and nightlife, when the boy, who had been under investigation for months, saw her from afar and insulted her from the car. Then, according to her account, he went back, together with her mother, and approached her victim, threatening her, ordering her to withdraw the complaint and forcing her to follow him. “They shouted at me: we’ll kill you, while they beat me and forcibly took me to their house”, the girl later said.

The pointed knife

The boyfriend, worried that if he had reacted they could have created further problems for the girl, watched the scene immobile. “They pointed a knife at us,” she later told the police. Only after a few minutes did the young man run to the barracks where, shortly thereafter, the minor, his mother and Francesca showed up. Hours of interrogation – the two sides maintain very different versions – have not yet allowed the investigators to reconstruct a story that is not at all clear e.g.u which the Prosecutor’s Office and the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office are investigating given the involvement of the boy who has not yet turned 18. The hypothesized crime, however, is that of private violence. Meanwhile, the police continue to view the cameras in the area of ​​the attack to verify the stories of all the protagonists.

Protected location

Asia «was taken again to a protected location, as happened after the rape last July, to keep her safe from further threats – says the lawyer Carla Garofalo – Now she told me that she was attacked and threatened with a knife , or rather with a machete as she defined it: she was very scared.” Even last summer the girl was persuaded to leave the city. But her stay in the community did not last long because, as she herself has always said on social media, cutting ties with the past is not easy. Back in Palermo, she testified at the evidentiary incident against her attackers in July without taking a step back and confirming the complaint. The seven, all very young – one was even a minor at the time – allegedly made her drink, took her to an isolated place, raped her in turns and filmed her with her cell phone. Arrested a few weeks after the violence, they are still detained. Six will appear before the investigating judge on April 19 for the preliminary hearing. The minor, released from prison and rearrested after boasting of his criminal exploits on social media, has already been sentenced to 8 years and 8 months.


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