Cagliari 2024, the polls arrive: Massimo Zedda super favorite | Cagliari, Front page

Cagliari 2024, the polls arrive: Massimo Zedda super favorite | Cagliari, Front page
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Massimo Zedda is the big favorite to conquer the mayor’s band in the next municipal elections Cagliari 2024. I define it two confidential pollswho tested the different names discussed in recent weeks.

In both, there would have been no match: the former mayor, on the Progressives’ side, is given a clear advantage for a first round victory.

The best known survey is that of Bidimedia. Two scenarios were analyzed between 26 and 29 March: in the first case Zedda would win with 54%before Gianni Chessa (27%) e Joseph Farris (19%). In the second case the former mayor would win with 53% on Edoardo Tocco (30%) and Farris (17%). In both cases there is a high range of undecideds, which could influence the final result.

The other survey, from one, was not far behind well-known national agency who had taken Todde’s victory in the regional elections for certain. And that she asks us to remain confidential (for now).

In this case there are always two scenarios but with different competitors. Zedda would win with 55% in the first case, in front of George Angius (24%) and Farris (21%). And it is given further in the second case, with 51%on Alessandra Zedda (36%) and Farris (13%).

In the next few days, there will certainly be the first sunny spells both in the centre-left that in centre-right. With the definition of the final candidates for mayor.

It remains to be understood what the representatives of the Sardinian Coalitionwhat if Michele Pipia And Enrico Ciotti they will decide to take a step back to support the single centre-left candidate. Which is also being discussed PDgiven Zedda’s attractiveness.

In the center-right, these are days of reflection. As far as the League is inclined to focus on its own name (Alessandra Zedda is the hole card), there are rumors in the city that many in the center-right they would be ready to support Giuseppe Farris’ civic proposal.

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