is less than seven points

is less than seven points
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Fratelli d’Italia loses votes and falls below 27% of the preferences, while the Democratic Party rises above 20%: the gap between the first party of the and the first opposition force is still wide, but in recent months it has narrowed considerably . The new SWG survey also records a good result for Lega and M5s and a decline for Forza Italia.

Another week of decline for the Brothers of Italy, and now Giorgia Meloni’s party no longer has the margin of almost ten points of advantage over its opponents that it achieved last year: the gap with the Democratic Party, which is growing, is by about six and a half points. The 5 Star Movement and the League are growing, managing to slightly distance Forza Italia and avoid being overtaken. These are some of the results of the weekly survey carried out by Swg.

Fratelli d’Italia falls below 27%, the League rises again

Brothers of Italy it is at 26.7% and loses 0.3% in a week. For Giorgia Meloni’s party it is the first time that polls show a result below 27% for a long time, and on the other hand in recent weeks there has been a slow but rather constant decline in preferences. It is no coincidence that the Prime Minister has already declared that in view of the European elections in June her objective is to confirm the result of the last political elections, i.e. approximately 26%.

For FdI the decline is not good news, but at the moment all the opponents still remain at a certain distance. Especially in the coalition: the League is at 8.5% (+0.2%) and is growing again after a complicated period, while Forza Italia it is at 7.6% (-0.1%). In recent weeks it had seemed that the Berlusconi overtaking the Northern League was imminent, but for the moment the gap between the two is back to almost one point. The centre-right coalition Noi Moderates closes at 1% (-0.1%).

Political polls, Brothers of Italy still down and the Democratic Party reduces the gap: the M5s is doing badly

Pd still growing, M5s and Action doing well

The Democratic party rises to 20.1% with a +0.2%. Not only do Elly Schlein’s dems rise above the 20% threshold, but given the decline of Fratelli d’Italia there is also the possibility of reducing the distances. Now, Meloni’s party is at just over six and a half points. It is still a very significant distance, but just think that at the beginning of last year the Democratic Party fluctuated around 16% while FdI was close to 30% to understand that today the situation seems to be very different from an electoral point of view.

Positive week also for 5 Star Movement, at 15.8% (+0.2%). The M5s thus confirms itself as the second opposition party. Greens-Left Alliance is stable at 4.1%, while Action by Carlo Calenda rises to 4.1% (+0.1%). Both today would be above the threshold for the European elections. Then there is Italy alive of Matteo Renzi at 3.4%, stable, and +Europe which grows to 2.9% (+0.1%). Two lists appear in the survey that are not represented in Parliament: Peace earth dignity by Michele Santoro at 1.4% (-0.2%) e Sovereign and popular democracy to 1.3% (-0.3%).

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