derby that is never banal

derby that is never banal
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Seven derbies played at Benelli in the twenty-first century and four of these saw Massimo Gadda sit on one of the two benches. The recent history of the challenges between Ravenna and Forlì can also be told from this point of view. The first Gadda derby is also the first of the new century: it dates back to 20 years ago, on 18 January 2004, in Serie C2. Gadda sits on the Ravenna bench and the Giallorossi dominate and end the first half with the lead with a goal from the Frenchman Bochu. But in the quarter of an hour of the second half Christian Lantignotti entered the field for Forlì and took charge. After a few minutes he scored and then Bernardi’s winning goal also favored the 2-1 victory for Forlì.

On 29 November 2015, in Serie D, Gadda sat on the Forlì bench and the derby ended 1-1. He marks the future Giallorossi Manuel Nocciolini for Forlì very early and Alessio Ambrogetti replies after a minute. Ravenna, coached by Andrea Mosconi, is newly promoted and is aiming only to remain in the category. Forlì is a notable team, but faces insurmountable competition from Parma in the group: Serie C reaches the end thanks to the repechage. The last two derbies are recent history. On 21 November 2021, Ravenna won 2-1 in a comeback and Massimo Gadda still coaches Forlì. The cockerels move forward with Gkertsos, but Andrea Dossena’s Ravenna proves deadly on corners. First Adamu Haruna scores (this is not the only disappointment this player gives Gadda) and then goalscoring defender Antonini Lui decides. A year passes, Gadda changes bench and returns to the Giallorossi team. On 4 December 2022, on an infamous pitch, Mattia Graffiedi’s Forlì advanced in the first half with a penalty from Amedeo Ballardini. Marangon equalized in the 80th minute and with time up Melandri overturned the result.

Ritual opponent

Broadening the horizons to the entire history, Forlì is the most traditional opponent for Ravenna. In total, 48 matches were played at home with 20 victories for Ravenna, 16 draws and 12 successes for Forlì, 60 goals for the Giallorossi and 51 for the Red and Whites. Forlì have not won in Ravenna since 26 September 2004 when they won 1-0 with a goal from Giunchi. Rocco Cotroneo is the red and white coach responsible for the last two blitzes at Benelli (2004).

Appeal rejected

Nothing to be done for Marino from Ravenna who will serve the third day of disqualification.

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