Hockey, now it gets tough: in game 2 Pergine gives the Mastini another defeat

Hockey, now it gets tough: in game 2 Pergine gives the Mastini another defeat
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Mastini, bitter defeat against Pergine: immediate redemption needed on Thursday to stay in the running for the IHL final.

Varese suffered a second disappointment in a few days, narrowly losing 3-2 against Pergine, this time in Game 2 of the IHL final. The match was extremely close and Pergine, with a minimal margin, managed to win, thus trying to take control of the series for the title.

Although Varese initially gained an advantage thanks to Näslund’s goal halfway through the first third, the flow of the match was different compared to the previous match. The difference was determined by situations of numerical superiority, with Pergine capitalizing on these opportunities, scoring the decisive goals in the third period. Even though the Mastini were not particularly undisciplined, allowing only 10 minutes of powerplay, Pergine was able to make the most of the opportunities available, making it difficult for Varese to stay in the game.

Goalkeeper Rigoni played a key role for Pergine, making crucial saves and keeping his team ahead. Despite the efforts of Varese, who tried to equalize the score with a goal from Tilaro, Pergine maintained control of the match until the end.

With this defeat, Varese now finds itself with the obligation to win the next match to remain in the running for the title. The series is still long and the path to final victory requires four victories, so Varese must make up ground and remain focused for future challenges.

In detail of the match, the first period was relatively calm, with Varese gaining the advantage thanks to Näslund’s goal. In the second period, Pergine equalized the score with a goal from Christian Buono, while in the third period they took the lead with another goal, this time from Lemay, taking advantage of their numerical superiority. Despite Varese’s attempt to come back with a goal from Tilaro, Pergine maintained its position until the final whistle.

The next match will be fundamental for Varese, who will have to try to reverse the trend to stay in the running for the title.

The Scoreboard

(0-1; 1-0; 2-1)
MARKERS: 1.23pm Näslund (V – M. Borghi, Piroso); 37.09 Ch. Buono (P – Mocellin, Gabri); 46.58 Lemay (P – Ch. Buono, Ca. Buono), 54.14 Bitetto (P – Ca. Buono, Ch. Buono), 54.37 Tilaro (V – Majul).
PERGINE: Rigoni (Zanella); Ca. Buono, Gamper, Gabri, Lacedelli, Ambrosi, Giacomozzi; Foltin, Lemay, Mocellin, Ch. Buono, Berger, Bitetto, Manganelli, Viliotti, Flessati, Marano, Andreotti, Ghizzo. All. Ambrosi.
VARESE: Pearl (Marinelli); Näslund, Raimondi, Schina, Crivellari, Bertin, E. Mazzacane, Fanelli, Vignoli; Piroso, Vanetti, M. Borghi, Pietroniro, Majul, Tilaro, Garau, M. Mazzacane, P. Borghi, T. Cordiano, Perino. All. Czarnecki.
REFEREES: Bedana and Moschen (Cristeli and Fecchio).
NOTE. Penalty: P 2′, V 10′. Superiority: P 2-5, W 0-1. Attendance: 803.

IHL final, the calendar

Race1: Varese – Pergine 2-3 (series 0-1)
Race 2: Pergine – Varese 3-2 (series 2-0)
Race 3 (Thursday 4/4, 8.30pm): Varese – Pergine
Game 4 (Saturday 6/4, to be final): Pergine – Varese
Ev. Game 5 (Tuesday 9/4, 8.30pm): Varese – Pergine
Ev. Game 6 (Thursday 11/4, to be final): Pergine – Varese
Ev. Game 7 (Saturday 13/4, 6.30pm): Varese – Pergine

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