Bari, the boss’ nephew killed. Decaro awakens: “he is in the hands of the clans”

Bari, the boss’ nephew killed. Decaro awakens: “he is in the hands of the clans”
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Better late than never. Blood was needed in the streets to make the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, jump out of his seat, as he has been fueling the barricades against the ministerial commission for weeks on the hypothesis of the Municipality’s dissolution due to mafia. That it was not a political coup by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi was already clear, in the face of those 130 arrests which reveal how the 14 clans of the Apulian capital have a firm grip on the city. But if, until Easter Monday, anyone could still have doubts, then the shots arrived to awaken consciences. Because a new mafia war has broken out in Bari, which has already claimed its first victim: 41-year-old Raffaele Capriati, known as Lello, son Sabino, who in turn is the brother of Antonio Capriati, the historic boss of Bari Vecchia who ended up in center of controversy precisely during the protest of the mayor and his dem friends against the Commission. From the stage the governor of Puglia, Michele Emiliano, reported that he had gone with Decaro and remained glued to his seat”.

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Remaining on internal issues, there is also the relationship with Prime Minister Meloni which has been talked about so much in recent weeks. Here too Salvini reassures, no disagreement indeed. «With Giorgia we are building a friendship. Every now and then in the evening she plays burraco with my girlfriend. They’re two weasels and they hate losing.” Between today and tomorrow the motion of no confidence in Salvini for the League’s relations with United Russia, Putin’s party, will be discussed in the Chamber. And the party was ahead of the game by publishing a note yesterday in which they made it known that that agreement no longer has any value and that in any case “even in previous years there had been no joint initiatives”. The reason? The invasion of Ukraine. And the «party line is confirmed by the votes in Parliament: it is regrettable that the Chamber has to waste time on useless and instrumental controversies triggered by the opposition». But the opposition’s ad personam attacks do not end with motions of no confidence. Now the dossier on the Genoa dam also appears, on which some Dem deputies have asked for a question time. «Minister Salvini explains to the Chamber what the government’s assessments are, in light of the Anac resolution and the ongoing judicial procedures, on the times of Antonio Capriati’s sister, asking for some sort of protection and underlining “I entrust it to you”.

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A sentence that sparked a brawl between the two, with misunderstandings and I don’t remember, resulting in the mayor’s assurance that he did not know the sister responsible for the construction of the New Breakwater in the port of Genoa to avoid the loss of Pnrr funds and how intends to deal with any delays to ensure the execution of the work. The insufficient attention to the procedures on the part of those who were supposed to set the path is not acceptable and requires intervention; in fact, the risk of an extension of the deadlines endangers the economic sustainability of the Dam, which relies on 1.3 billion in Pnrr funds which, if the deadlines are not respected, could be lost” the MPs declared in a note Pd Andrea Orlando and Valentina Ghio and signed by colleagues Federico Fornaro and Sara Ferrari. of the boss, who then crashed into a photo of him with the lady. And now that there is a shooting in Bari, Decaro speaks of a “very serious act, due to the manner in which the ambush took place, due to the fact that the victim is a leading exponent of the Capriati clan and the consequences that this can generate” . The mayor, who called the prefect and the police commissioner to ask for maximum attention, understood that «the city cannot live in terror of waiting for a settlement of scores between clans» and that «it is important to act immediately to block any potential resurgence”.

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According to the senator of the Fratelli d’Italia, Filippo Melchiorre, «there are schizoid attitudes on the part of the centre-left: one day it says one thing and another day it says another. There is a need for all institutions to come together against phenomena of this type. The mayor should have simply thanked Minister Piantedosi for giving him the opportunity to demonstrate his total non-involvement. Far from talking about an act of war from the stage in Bari. The Bari that I know is made up of respectable people and the mayor must respect the institutions”, he concludes. Meanwhile, tomorrow, on the issue, the Committee for order and security will meet, which will have to establish the lines of action to be implemented to stop the criminal tug-of-war for the new balance between the criminal families, which resulted in the ambush to Lello Capriati. Killed by three bullets to the head and one to the shoulder in the Torre a Mare area, a fort of the Parisi clan, by a killer who fled. The objective now is to stop the inevitable retaliations that could lead to further deaths in the city.

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