VERONA – 7 October, a garrison against the defeat of reason

VERONA – 7 October, a garrison against the defeat of reason
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The defeat of reason today can manifest itself «in the spread of disinformation and propaganda, in the absence of arguments based on facts, in the abandonment of democratic principles in favor of arbitrary authority or in describing situations in which public debate is dominated by rhetoric demagogic”. This was reported by a group of women gathered in Verona under the aegis of the SetteOTTO association and promoters of the event “7 October: the defeat of reason” scheduled for Sunday 7 April at 3pm in Piazza dei Signori, in the heart of the city. Exactly six months after the pogrom carried out by Hamas on Israeli territory, the intent is to “reflect on the consequences” of that criminal act, bringing to the attention of the public the voices of Middle East experts, journalists, historians and other speakers who have joined the initiative. “Properly disclosing and understanding what happened helps everyone so that similar events, such as those in Paris, Nice, New York and Madrid, do not happen again”, say the promoters of the garrison, which has the patronage of Ucei and the Jewish Community among others local, denouncing how at the same time “the tendency to diminish the impact of this black page in the history of humanity” is spreading in Italy too.
Georgia Gaida is one of the organizers of the meeting. She explains to Pagine Ebraiche: «We felt obliged to bring attention to that day and its impact, because Israel still suffers the consequences. We see it with the hostages still in the hands of Hamas, but also with the many displaced people in the north and south of the country, with the terrorist attacks that continue uninterrupted, even if unfortunately they are talked about less and less.” According to Gaida, there is a problem of general unawareness at the source: «Many refer to Israel without having knowledge of what they are saying. A widespread ignorance that must also be countered with the evidence of facts, with irrefutable historical notions. For this reason too, we will disseminate ad hoc information material, which will help clear away errors and prejudices.”

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