Children killed in house collapse: 14 owners investigated

Children killed in house collapse: 14 owners investigated
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(ANSA) – NUORO, 02 APR – Fourteen people have been entered in the register of suspects for the death of Patrick Zola and Ethan Romano, the two boys aged 15 and 14, victims of the collapse of the ruined farmhouse on the outskirts of Nuoro. These are the heirs, co-owners of the land on which the house stands, abandoned for decades. The warranty notices should arrive in the next few hours to interested parties. The crime hypothesized by the Nuoro prosecutor Riccardo Belfiori is double manslaughter. The farmhouse had been abandoned for years, without a fence. Anyone could access it.

Firefighter analysis
The investigations of the Nuoro Prosecutor’s Office continue unabated after the collapse of the ruined farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, where Patrick Zola and Ethan Romano, aged 15 and 14 respectively, died. The men of the Flying Squad heard the boy who was with the two victims, but who was outside at the time of the collapse and are trying to acquire all the testimonies of the people who came immediately after the events, including the firefighters.
Double manslaughter is the hypothesis of the crime formulated by the Prosecutor’s Office, for the moment without suspects. Prosecutor Andrea Ghironi, in charge of the investigations, has remained in strict secrecy since yesterday evening. The magistrate finds himself having to unravel the tangle of ownership of the building which stands on land resulting from an inheritance passed to over ten families, which has been dilapidated for decades.
In the meantime, the studies of the firefighters of the provincial command of Nuoro continue. «We are working to create a picture of the situation based on what our men found also with the help of drones – engineer Giampaolo Lampis, commander of the Nuoro Fire Brigade, told ANSA -. Certainly there is the criticality of the building, which has been dilapidated for a long time and the collapse of the roof above the first floor where the children were overwhelmed, but studies need to be carried out regarding the causes that caused it. As soon as we have them we can explain what happened or hypothesize the probable causes of the collapse.”
Could it have been the heavy rains of recent days? “At the moment we cannot say – concluded the commander – nor can we give other hypotheses before studying the causes and making them available to the investigating bodies”.

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