CPR in Ferrara: contradictions between Prisco’s statements and Mayor Fabbri’s response

CPR in Ferrara: contradictions between Prisco’s statements and Mayor Fabbri’s response
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The story relating to the possible construction of a Repatriation Center (CPR) for irregular migrants in Ferrara continues to arouse debates and controversies, highlighting contradictions between the declarations of local and national authorities. This is underlined by a question from city councilor Davide Nanni (Pd) which highlights these contradictions.

On 28 February 2024 – as Nanni reports in the document presented – during a Question Time at the 1st Commission of the Chamber, Undersecretary Emanuele Prisco (FdI) addressed questions regarding the CPR planned for Ferrara. To the question from the Honorable Toni Ricciardi regarding the future of the CPR of Ferrara, Prisco provided a generic answer, indicating that at the moment Emilia-Romagna is not included among the areas of forthcoming planning for the construction of structures intended for CPRs on the national territory.

However, a month later, on 28 March 2024, the mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri, responded to the question presented by the city councilor Davide Nanni, denying the rumors regarding the destination of the former Ferrara airport as the site for a new CPR. Fabbri declared that the proposed site for Ferrara does not meet the criteria established by law to host a CPR.

This discrepancy between the statements of Undersecretary Prisco and those of Mayor Fabbri raises questions about the government’s real intentions regarding the localization of the CPRs in Emilia-Romagna. The city councilor Davide Nanni then asked whether the mayor’s statements are confirmed in official documents of the Italian government, given the lack of a clear exclusion by the undersecretary Prisco regarding the possibility that the CPR of Ferrara could be included among the works “of next programming” in the region.

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