after 70 years “Nuccio” closes

after 70 years “Nuccio” closes
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The curtain falls on another historic sign of the city. This time it’s the turn of a name that has led the way in Sicilian pastry making, famous for its “pumpkin canal”

Another historic sign in Palermo closes forever. An important “piece” of Corso Calatafimi goes away: it is the “Fratelli Nuccio” confectionery industry. A high-sounding name, a leading “brand” – as they say today – in the Sicilian pastry sector. Among its products, the inimitable “Canale di Zucca” and the “late candied mandarin from Ciaculli”, the company’s flagships.

As happened with many historic commercial activities in Palermo, the Nuccio company is also a family story. He was the one who founded it Salvatore Nuccio at the end of the 1800s.

In 1914 Salvatore won the gold medal at the “International Exhibition of Genoa” thanks to his desserts and liqueurs considered to be of great quality.

In 1916 he married Maria Rosa Catalano, with whom he had nine children, 8 boys and a girl. He opened a grocery and sweets shop, with which he managed to support his family, without ever denying help to the poorest, who were many especially in the years of the Second World War.


After Salvatore’s death in 1951, the five brothers Antonino, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Vincenzo and Eugenio set up the company “Industria Confectionary Brothers Nuccio”, which specializes in the sale of raw materials, semi-finished products and various sweets for pastry shops.

Many in Palermo remember the historic headquarters in via Lincoln, famous for being one of the most renowned confectionery factories in the city. In the wake of the economic boom, the ’50s and ’60s were years of great development for the Nuccio brothers’ company.

Each brother specialized in a specific production sector: Antonino in pastry making, Giovanni in purchasing and sales, Giuseppe in administration, Vincenzo in the production of confetti and Eugenio in the production of candied fruit.

In 1968 they purchased a large ovenwhich in those years and in the following decade was the largest production furnace in the whole of the South.

As we said before, the company’s flagship was candied fruit. As the Pumpkin Canalcandied pumpkin whose name “canale” derives from the shape which recalls the Sicilian tile, in dialect u channels.

Another inimitable product Late candied mandarin from Ciacullimade with the renowned mandarin harvested in Ciaculli and highly requested by companies producing flavored panettone.

A success story, a family story on which the curtain has unfortunately fallen. «We inform you that the business will be closed indefinitely». This is the sad post that appeared today, Tuesday 2 April, on the company’s Facebook page.

News that sparked nostalgic reactions and comments among the people of Palermo. «Another piece of Palermo’s history that is going away», «They made the history of Palermo pastry making, it’s a shame». «Nothing lasts forever, everything ends, what a shame». And so on and so many others.

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