Milan the best in Europe for goals scored from the bench

Milan the best in Europe for goals scored from the bench
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With 14 goals scored by the substitutes, the Devil does better than anyone in the five main leagues. Jovic and Okafor the most prolific: how many points came in the final

Having a numerically high squad does not necessarily equate to the use of all elements by a coach. But the case study can also travel in the opposite direction, as in the case of Milan: after some farewells in January (four players), partially compensated by the arrivals (two), the Devil now officially counts on a group – including four goalkeepers – of 26 players . Yet the seasonal numbers show that Pioli has fielded 33 different men so far. Especially infirmary needs, which forced the coach to draw heavily – but with more than comforting results – from the Primavera. And this is the first piece of data that emerges when looking at Milan’s 2023-24 numbers. Then there is another which, yes, is well supported by the figures, but in reality it is definitely visible even without going too far into the statistics: the gap between front lines and reservists has decreased considerably compared to a year ago. Especially in some areas of the pitch (not everywhere, of course). And so the bench has often proved decisive throughout this year.

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