Municipality of Terni, Ass. Aniello: “300 thousand euros for the means necessary for in-house works”

Municipality of Terni, Ass. Aniello: “300 thousand euros for the means necessary for in-house works”
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“With the sole votes of the councilors of Alternative Popolare it passed today, in the joint session of the 1st and 3rd commissions – declares the councilor for Maintenance Mascia Aniello – the proposed resolution for the purchase of work vehicles, necessary for the execution of in-house works.
One of the main objectives of this Administration is the maximum re-internalisation of services and services: it is easy to understand how these operations, in long-term municipal managerial management, not only allow significant economic savings, but above all play a fundamental role in terms of efficiency and speed of intervention.
The hiring of four multifunctional operators, strongly desired by Mayor Bandecchi, had already highlighted all the advantages of direct management of maintenance of municipal assets. And now a further leap in quality.

In fact, to further raise the standards of intervention, it is necessary at this point to equip the team with useful means to prepare various types of initiatives, from the most modest maintenance on buildings, to more complex operations on the road surface, to those for the protection of slopes, as well as many other related ones.
These are actions aimed at giving a very long breath to the modest public resources available, also triggering a strong leverage effect compared to the many ephemeral measures typically carried out by many public administrations: thus we are not simply looking at an immediate return of image, but we build serious and long-lasting planning, which attacks the city’s chronic problems at the root, without stopping at the usual boring diagnoses.
The financial resources for the purchase of the vehicles, which amount to 313,000 euros, derive from unused residues of mortgages from past years, resources re-emerged thanks to the technical analysis of the councilor Michela Bordoni and our offices.
Sums that previous councils and councils had not even been aware of: therefore we do not resort to new debt at all, nor do we operate on the current one, with a general increase in efficiency, both maintenance and financial”.

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