Manna’s last signing at Juventus before Napoli: he has a crazy clause

Juventus could make an important move on the transfer market by taking Mika Faye from Barcelona. The defender would represent Manna’s last signing for Juventus alongside Giuntoli before joining Napoli.

John Manna is ready to give to the Juventus one last market coup before becoming the new sporting director Naples. It’s about Mika Faye, 19 year old Senegalese central defender who plays for Rafa Marquez’s Barça B engaged in the third Spanish series. Manna, together with Cristiano Giuntoli and the Juventus club, according to Mundo Deportivo, would be very interested in the player who is also followed by other big names in Europe. There is a 400 million euro clause on the central defender. A practice often used by the Blaugrana club.

Lens immediately moved for the player, even offering 9 million for Faye – an offer rejected – just as Girona had also shown interest in the defender. But Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea would be working with the lights off as well as Juventus themselves. Faye, signed last summer by Croatians of the NK Kustosia in exchange for 2.2 million, he will therefore be one of the prized pieces of the market and it cannot be ruled out that someone like Manna, who made Juventus’ fortunes above all through the work done in Next Gen and the valorization of young people, he could give him to the Bianconeri before starting at Napoli.

Mika Faye with the Barcelona shirt.

Manna did work that brought gods more than positive results for the club by helping Juventus grow talents that later made Allegri’s fortunes in the first team. Faye could be yet another coup of this kind closed by Manna who, however, in this case could also leave the deal solely in the hands of Giuntoli given the imminent agreement with Napoli. Faye is a central defender but can also act as a left back.

What changes at Juventus after Manna’s farewell: Giuntoli’s loyalist arrives from Napoli

Juventus has often invested in profiles capable of covering multiple positions on the pitch, especially in defense. And in this sense Faye would be perfect. Tiago Djalo has not convinced as we thought and therefore another purchase of this kind may be necessary in that field position also given the probable departure of Alex Sandro in defence. Regardless of Manna’s future, therefore, the feeling is that Giuntoli will be sent on the player hoping that an auction that is too expensive does not arise.

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