A mosaic in Gradara depicts the gaze of the new Francesca – Art

A mosaic in Gradara depicts the gaze of the new Francesca – Art
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In Gradara (Pesaro Urbino) an innovative and impressive work of street art, almost three meters high and over four meters wide, made up of 50,400 individually hand-painted ceramic mosaic tiles, which depicts a female gaze. A hymn to the courage and self-determination of women, which arises from the stories collected by two artists involved in the places of the famous story of Paolo and Francesca. The new work, inaugurated in the presence of, among others, the mayor Filippo Gasperi and the Councilor for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality Angela Bulzinetti, will enrich the city for the 2024 edition of the “Beyond the walls” project, financed by the Marche Region tender in support of contemporary visual arts and created in collaboration with Gradara Innova.

The objective of the artistic project “Oltre le mura” is to create a link between the past and present of the history of Gradara, researching a new iconography of Francesca da Rimini, and changing the narrative which for a long time saw her first as a sinner and then as romantic heroine. Thus art can rewrite history and make us reflect on the role and representation of women through a “new Francesca” who becomes a symbol of individual freedom and the inalienable right of women to choose without constraints who to love, an icon of gender equality and free choice.

Under the artistic direction of Sabrina Gennari, the project involved some Italian street artists, known nationally and internationally, in the creation of works on walls that transformed the city into an open-air museum of which a map was also created paper. Then the myth of Francesca was interpreted by the boys and girls with disabilities from the Viale Trieste School (Coop Labirinto) who created a site-specific work made up of padlocks and installed along the Passeggiata degli Innamorati in Gradara.

Finally, in 2013, active citizenship workshops were activated in the third classes of the “G. Lanfranco” secondary school in Gradara.

The result of these activities was an inspiration for the two artists who created the work of this edition: Giovanni Contardi from Pesaro – three times Rubik’s Cube world champion, with whom he composed spectacular works, the latest on display at Paris commissioned by Marvel – and Roberto Pompucci from Gradara, who has been combining art and craftsmanship through the processing of ceramics for almost forty years. “Behind the final realization of the work there was a great deal of dialogue with the community, in particular with the women who live between Pesaro and Gradara, – comments the Municipality – involved in the project thanks to listening points positioned in various areas of the cities, where the women themselves went to express their vision on the topic of female emancipation”.

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