this is when Il Tirreno reopens with two-way traffic

this is when Il Tirreno reopens with two-way traffic
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VAIANO. Another step towards normality for road 325, closed since March 1st due to the landslide that interrupted traffic in the Le Coste-Camino area. From 3pm Tuesday 2 April traffic will return to two-way traffic. After the alternating one-way reopening on March 28, the Province is now taking a further step forward to definitively break the isolation of Valbisenzio and reopens the two-way traffic, thus facilitating the resumption of traffic also in view of the reopening of schools after Easter holidays. The works on the landslide front are still progressing as scheduled, so much so that, in the event of particular construction site needs, the company will have the right to temporarily restore the alternate one-way system.
The announcement
«We wanted in every way to arrive at this further step with respect to the viability of the 325 and we are happy to be able to change the practicability of the road to two-way traffic – says the president of the Province Simone Calamai – all the checks carried out in recent days are one-way only alternate have given positive results and therefore we have decided for the two-way and completely free Valbisenzio from the isolation of the last month. The great effort of the Province continues on the landslide and on that of Pusignara to reach the conclusion of the interventions as soon as possible in order to ensure the definitive safety of the slopes”.

The future
President Simone Calamai also assured that the Province of Prato is working prospectively on what should be the solutions on the existing road system and on possible road alternatives: «Together with the Region, the Province is evaluating the open tunnel solution and also other possibilities of route, for example, evaluating a passage on the river side. In addition to these solutions, it is essential to work and design alternatives to the current route of the 325 to give a future and new development prospects to the businesses and citizens of Val Bisenzio”, concludes Calamai. Rail-road intermodality remains unchanged until April 13th. The bus service will therefore remain the same as it has been until today. Tariff integration with the railway service is still active. Anyone in possession of an Autolinee Toscane season ticket will be able to use the train service between Prato and Vernio with the same ticket. However, the 325 remains one-way in the locality of La Pusignara, between Sasseta and Montepiano where the work to secure the landslide front is proceeding with the aim of arriving at the definitive reopening of two-way traffic as soon as possible”.


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