Sottil: “Palermo? An honor to coach them next year. Great place”

Sottil: “Palermo? An honor to coach them next year. Great place”
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Sottil: “Palermo? An honor to coach him next year. Great square”

Hours of tension at Palermo after the crushing defeat against Pisa with the result of 4-3 despite the double advantage. Captain Brunori’s two goals were not enough to bring full spoils to Palermo. Reflections on the bench on the work of Eugenio Corini. Below are the words of Andrea Sottil, spoke exclusively to the microphones of Pianeta B.

“That Palermo whether it is a large square, a large company and a notable project, is out of the question. I am a coach who has always taken projects into consideration and the Rosanero one is certainly a lot scope And prestigious. Possibly considering next season, being compared to the Sicilians is a pleasure and an honor“.


Pisa, Tramoni: “There was a possibility of catching Palermo again. I am happy”

Pisa, D’Alessandro: “Deserved victory. After my goal we dominated.”

Palermo, Di Marzio confirms: “First name Grosso”

Pedullà: “Palermo, meeting with Grosso. In the background not only Gattuso”


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