Architectural barriers, here’s 600,000 euros

There Regional Council approved, during today’s session, the allocation of contributions intended for Municipalities Plans for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers (PEBA). The contribution amounts to €594,165.66 and includes funds of €515,922.47, not committed in the previous public notice relating to the contribution for the adoption of PEBA, to which a further €78,243.19 is added, assigned to the Puglia Region following the allocation of the residues of the PEBA Fund, assigned by Decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 10 October 2022. Thanks to access to regional contributions, to date, 72 municipalities have adopted the PEBA, another 41 have activated the approval procedure, while for another 64 entities the procedure is currently being assigned.

“Since 2019, the Puglia Region has launched a series of actions aimed at supporting Municipalities in the adoption of PEBA, approving the useful guidelines for the definition of the instrument and calls for tenders aimed at granting a contribution” states the regional councilor for Environment Anna Grazia Maraschio. “The aim is to create a cultural model devoted to inclusiveness that promotes the creation of places that are usable and accessible to all, with or without disabilities, also capable of creating opportunities for knowledge and mutual exchange, with a view to sharing spaces of our cities”.

“With the allocation approved today we intend to allow the Apulian municipalities that have not yet approved the Plan to equip themselves with this tool” adds the councilor Maraschio. “In this way we make the principles of inclusiveness and accessibility feasible, which are fully part of the program of the Puglia Region, a program that leaves no one behind. With regional funds, the Municipalities that have already approved it will be allowed to update it or adapt it to the interventions actually carried out. In this way I believe it is possible to have a photograph of the territory that is always in line with reality and which allows local administrations to always maintain a high level of commitment on the topic”.

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