Palermo rape, the victim threatened and kidnapped: “You must withdraw the complaint”

Palermo rape, the victim threatened and kidnapped: “You must withdraw the complaint”
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More abuse and threats for the 19-year-old girl who, last year, on 7 July, was the victim of the rape in Palermo. Last night the young woman who had been abused at the Foro Italico by seven boys who also filmed the violencewas threatened and kidnapped by a young man and his mother in Ballarò.

According to reconstructions, the boy would be included in the list of suspects because the victim would have mentioned his name during the depositions for the gang rape, when the police asked her if she had previously suffered other episodes of violence. So, he would not be one of the seven involved in the violence at the Foro Italico, but the person responsible for other abuses occurred between May and June. So yesterday, together with her mother, she apparently tried to push the victim to retract the complaint.

The girl was in the square in Ballarò with her boyfriend when, shortly after midnight, the young man he arrived in the car with his mother and began to insult her heavily, before taking her away by force. «I saw her while they dragged her away, they took her all the way home while I had a knife pointed at my throat» said the boyfriend, who ran to the police as soon as he managed to free himself. «They held a knife to us and divided us. They immobilized me and I saw them taking A. away by force. I wanted to call for help immediately but they prevented me.”

The victim said she was forced by force and threats to enter the house of the alleged molester and her mother. «They shouted at me: “We’ll kill you” while they beat meafter forcibly dragging me to their house,” the nineteen-year-old said.

Now mother and son could be accused of threats, illegal possession of a bladed weapon and kidnapping.

In the meantime it was the only minor was sentenced to 8 years and 8 months who participated in the Palermo rape. The magistrate of the juvenile court Maria Pino established a sentence higher than that – of 8 years – which had been requested by the prosecutor for minors Claudia Caramanna. They are also accused of the violence Angelo Flores, Cristian Barone, Gabriele Di Trapani, Christian Maronia, Samuele La Grassa, Elio Arnao, all adults and, at this moment, all in prison. They too, like the minor, have asked to be tried in an abbreviated manner, and the trial will begin this month.

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