Messina: young man insists on entering the PS and injures a security guard. The topic of lane safety is back –

Messina: young man insists on entering the PS and injures a security guard. The topic of lane safety is back –
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A stab wound to the hand and arm, resulting in surgery and 40 stitches, to a security guard on duty at the Piedmont hospital in Messina, attacked around 6.30 in the morning on Easter Sunday. The security guard, according to an initial reconstruction, was injured by a 30-year-old who had asked to be allowed to enter the emergency room, where a friend of his was hospitalized. The man, apparently in a state of alteration, would have insistently asked to enter, regardless of the fact that it is not possible to access the emergency department to visit the patients and despite the time. The vigilante’s attempt to dissuade the 30-year-old, however, was of no avail, rather, the man would have pulled out a knife and launched a blow, wounding the security guard’s hand and arm, then losing track of himself. The vigilante was rescued by hospital doctors. The police intervened on site and, with the help of the surveillance cameras installed in the structure, immediately identified, traced and reported the alleged attacker.

In this way, the issue of safety in hospitals and emergency rooms returns to the center, having now become border areas, where attacks on healthcare and security personnel are the order of the day. Just think of what happened last February at Villa Sofia in Palermo, where a young man attacked the head of the oncological endocrinology department, severing a tendon in his left arm and inflicting a serious injury to his right ear which, if struck only 3 cm below, it could have fatally severed his carotid artery.

A month ago during the third edition of the National Day of education and prevention against violence against health and social-health workers, from the second monitoring carried out by the National Observatory established in 2022 by Inail, it emerged that only in 2022 the cases of violence, aggression and threats against healthcare personnel ascertained by the Institute were 2,243, an increase of 14% compared to the previous year. These are episodes of violence exercised mainly by people outside the company, reactions by patients or their families. On the one hand, a phenomenon must be analyzed taking into account all the factors that influence it, both internal and external to the workplace, such as organization and provision of services, waiting times, social and economic context, type of users, location and dimensions of the structure, on the other hand cannot and must not be underestimated, keeping the level of attention high.

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