The final! Catania-Padova 4-2 (3′ Bortolussi, 25′ pen. Di Carmine, 44′ Cicerelli, 73′ Perrotta, 89′ Marsura, 121′ Costantino)

The final! Catania-Padova 4-2 (3′ Bortolussi, 25′ pen. Di Carmine, 44′ Cicerelli, 73′ Perrotta, 89′ Marsura, 121′ Costantino)
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Markers: 3′ Bortolussi, 25′ pen. Di Carmine, 44′ Cicerelli, 73′ Perrotta, 89′ Marsura, 121’sts Costantino

CATANIA (3-5-2): Albertoni; Castellini (107′ Chiarella), Monaco (105′ Kontek), Celli, Bouah (79′ Rapisarda); Peralta (66′ Chiricò), Quaini, Zammarini, Cicerelli (82′ Marsura); Cianci (79′ Costantino), Di Carmine. All.: Zeoli.

Available: Furlan, Donato, Curado, Haveri, Ndoj.

PADUA (4-2-3-1): Zanellati; Belli (65′ Faedo), Delli Carri, Perrotta, Villa; Radrezza (79′ Fusi), Crisetig; Liguori (79′ Crescenzi), Varas, Valente (65′ Palombi); Bortolussi (86′ Capelli-109′ Zamparo). All.: Torrent.

Available: Donnarumma, Mangiaracina, Dezi, Bianchi, Palombi, Favale, Cretella, Tordini.

Referee: Nicolini of Brescia

Ammonites: Belli, Crisetig, Celli, Castellini, Fusi, Monaco

Expulsions: Delli Carri

Recoveries: 1’pt, 4′ st, – pts, 1’sts

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Second overtime

  • It ends here, Catania-Padova 4-2: the rossoazzurri win the Serie C Italian Cup

123′- Last hope for Padova: free kick that allows Torrente’s men to go up

121′- GOAL CATANIA: shot by Costantino who pierces the innocent Zanellati

120′- The referee awards 1′ of added time before the penalty kicks

118′- Zanellati ready to return the goal

116′- Catania opportunity: insidious cross from Chiricò that crosses the entire area

115′- Padova in possession of the ball

112′- Throw-in for Padova

112′- Corner Catania

109′- Last sixth substitution also for Padova: Zamparo comes on in place of Capelli

108′- Costantino tries with his head! Ball goes out to the bottom

107′- Catania substitution: Castellini comes out, Chiarella comes in

106′- Corner Catania

105′- Catania substitution: Monaco out, Kontek in

105′- The second extra period begins immediately after a very short break

First overtime

105′- The first extra half ends, Catania-Padova 3-2

104′- Throw-in for Padova

102′- Foul in attack by Monaco, Zanellati calmly puts the ball back into play

101′- Padova is suffering from one less man: the red and blue are under siege. Another corner for the hosts

100′- Catania opportunity: Rapisarda heads the ball just over the crossbar

98′- Chiricò’s through ball passes into Zanellati’s arms

96′- Oversized shot by Celli: goal kick for Zanellati

95′- Catania opportunity: prodigious intervention by Perrotta on Costantino’s header

94′- Opportunity Padua: Perrotta’s header engages Albertoni

94′- Corner kick for Padova

93′- Offside by Chiricò: Zanellati starts again

92′- Corner for Catania

90′- Off you go!

Second half

– The second half ends, Catania-Padova 3-2: we therefore go to extra time

93′- Zammarini! Worthy shot, Zanellati keeps good guard

92′- Another corner for Catania

90′- The referee awards 4′ of added time

89′- CATANIA GOAL: Marsura pierces Zanellati from a few steps away

88′- Corner for Catania

85′- Last substitution for Padova: Bortolussi comes out and Capelli comes on

84′ – Monaco is booked

83′- Yellow card for Fusi

82′- Catania substitution: the scorer Cicerelli comes out and makes way for Marsura

79′- Padova double substitution: Fusi for Radrezza, Crescenzi for Liguori

79′- Catania substitution: Costantino for Cianci and Ravvisarda for Bouah

76′- Red card to Delli Carri: bad foul on Cianci

73′- PADOVA GOAL!! Perrotta heads the ball and leaves Albertoni no chance

72′- Corner for Padova

71′- Game blocked with many interruptions

66′- Change for Catania: Chiricò comes on in place of Peralta

65′- Double substitution for Padova: Belli leaves room for Faedo and Palombi takes over from Valente

63′- Padova turns the ball around as they try to find spaces to hit

61′- Opportunity Padua: Delli Carri heads well but fails to find the target

60′- Liguori’s left foot deflected for a corner

58′- Yellow card for Castellini: free kick near the edge of the area for biancoscudati

57′- Opportunity Padua: header by Bortolussi, the ball goes just wide

56′- Liguori’s oversized throw, Albertoni starts again

55′- Throw-in for Catania

53′- Cross shot by Cicerelli, Zanellati blocks without major problems

52′- Foul in attack by Liguori: Albertoni starts again

50′- Interesting free kick for Padova: Radrezza ready to put the ball in the center of the area. All the defenders go up

48′- Catania opportunity: Cianci is unable to impact the ball from a good position

45′- Cross too long from Valente: Albertoni ready to put the ball back into play

– The shooting begins!

First half

End of the first half, Catania-Padova 2-1: after the initial disadvantage, the rossoazzurri recovered with Di Carmine’s penalty and at the end of the first half even found the overtaking goal with Cicerelli. Goal that allows the biancoscudati to be caught again. Fierce protests from Torrente’s team: a very dubious penalty awarded to the Etna team and a goal disallowed by Liguori due to an alleged push by Valente at the start of the action.

45′- The referee awards 1′ of injury time

44′- CATANIA GOAL: perfect shot from Cicerelli who sends the ball into the corner, Zanellatti doesn’t get there by a whisker

43′- Touch from the hand of Radrezza: Catania starts again

41′ – Celli is booked

40′- Late intervention by Bouah on Villa: free kick for Padova who are breathing again

39′- Di Carmine returns offside: Zanellati starts again

36′- Second yellow card for Padova: yellow card for Crisetig

35′- Goal disallowed for Liguori: left-footed from the edge which leaves Albertoni no chance due to an alleged tug by Valente on Mangiaracina at the start of the action

32′- Foul in attack by Varas: Albertoni starts again

31′- Insidious free kick from Radrezza, Castellini deflects it for a corner

30′- The first half hour of the match begins: Padova immediately starts strong and finds the net after just three minutes but after taking the lead the team falls too far behind and Catania has become dangerous on more than one occasion, creating problems especially in the right lane

25′- Di Carmine doesn’t miss from the spot: ball on one side and goalkeeper on the other

24′- Penalty kick for Catania: Cicerelli’s free kick intercepted by Perrotta’s arm. Penalty confirmed by VAR

22′- Attention, danger for Padova: free kick from the edge for Catania. Delli Carri brings down the rossoazzurro striker, risking a red card but fortunately the former Juve player was not the last man

20′- Nothing happened: the free kick hits Radrezza, the only man in the barrier

20′- Dangerous free kick for Catania, Belli in difficulty on the right flank

18′- Game stopped: aerial clash between Zanellati and Villa, the defender gets the worst of it

16′- Throw-in for the Biancoscudati

14′- Foul by Di Carmine in attack: Zanellati starts again

11′- First warning of the match: Belli ends up in Nicolini’s notebook

10′- Offside returned, Zanellati starts again

9′- Free kick for Catania

8′- Bortolussi runs forward but mismanages a potential counterattack, allowing the Sicilian rearguard to recover their position well

7′- Throw-in in the offensive zone for the home team

5′- Corner for Catania

4′- Catania occasion: Bouah’s conclusion from a good position hits Zanellati’s body.

3′- Goooal from Padova!!! Bortolussi pierces Albertoni from a few steps away. The red and blue goalkeeper badly blocks Valente’s shot and the former player arrives at the ball like a hawk, pushing it comfortably into the net.

2′- Long cross from Villa, Albertoni easily blocks

1′- Catania in possession of the ball


8.28pm – The two teams preceded by the referees enter the pitch to start the match.

8.20pm – Exactly ten minutes left until Mr. Nicolini’s kick-off.

7.55 pm – For Padova, this is the thirty-first participation in the Serie C Italian Cup and on two occasions in its glorious history they have raised the trophy to the sky: first success in the 1979/80 sporting season in the final against Salernitana (first leg -3 in Campania and return 4-0 in Veneto) and second triumph in 2021/22 thanks to the victory in the last match against Sudtirol (0-0 in the first leg at Euganeo and return with biancoscudata victory at Druso, 1- 0 with marker Jelenic).

7.51pm – There are eleven precedents between the two teams on Etna: 7 victories for Catania, 3 draws and, finally, a success for Padova. The last match in Sicily dates back to 17 September 2008 and the round of 32 of the Major Italian Cup was played at the Massimino (the winner would have met Juventus in the round of 16). Catania, at the time led by Walter Zenga, asserted the two categories of difference compared to Padova and easily passed the round with the result of 4-0 (Morimoto scored with a brace, Sabato and Dica), despite having fielded field several second lines. Venetians and Sicilians will therefore face each other again after more than a decade since the last time. The only success in Padua dates back to the 1930s and coincides with the first confrontation between the two teams.

7.48pm – Padova restarts from the absurd victory of the first leg. 2-1 the biancoscudato success at Euganeo last March 19th with goals from Palombi and Crisetig opening the scoring. The most classic goal of the ex scored towards the end by Monaco took care of reopening the double comparison. Entertainment on the pitch which was unfortunately accompanied by clashes between fans which led the sports judge to have the return match played at the Massimino behind closed doors.

7.45pm – Dear readers of Padova Goal, good evening from Riccardo Pirrotta! Welcome to the live text of Catania-Padova, a match valid for the second leg final of the 51st edition of the Coppa Italia Serie C.

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