Salis dictates the conditions. to the Democratic Party, Burraco di Meloni and Adidas: therefore, today…

Salis dictates the conditions. to the Democratic Party, Burraco di Meloni and Adidas: therefore, today…
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– Just to defuse the issue, know that the Spanish government plans to recognize the Palestinian state before the summer. Pedro Sanchez is convinced that this is the best way to resolve the Middle Eastern issue and allow the war to end Gaza. If it were that easy, evidently, many others would have already thought of it. But it is likely that it will only become a spot maneuver useful for strengthening the electorate of the Spanish socialist prime minister.

– The history of the t-shirt Germany Wonderful. L’Adidas in fact it has withdrawn the number 44 from the customization possibilities given that the font does not even vaguely recall the symbol used by the ‘Schutzstaffel’, or Adolf Hitler’s ‘SS’. Obviously it wasn’t an intentional choice and God forbid. But of all the places in the world where choosing the wrong fund could happen, it happens precisely in the court of Olaf Scholz. What bad luck.

– If a democracy, in this case the European one, must mobilize i Mansekin And Taylor Swift (which is also American) to push voters to go and vote, it means that the system has now come to fruition. He can’t recover. And in fact, not only is abstentionism growing, but those who vote do so with less and less passion. Rather than paying superstars to increase the pilgrimage to the polls, however, European leaders should ask themselves why no one is more interested in exercising the most important of rights. Suggestion: could it be the fault of that very widespread habit of promising heaven and earth and then not realizing even half of the proposed program?

– Praise be to Sugar who says it like he thinks. Come back to Sanremo? “And to do what? It has now become a TV show. Sanremo really tore up the Maroni.” Amen.

– You ask Republic: why doesn’t the right love Ilaria Salis? Answer: because she is an activist of the radical left, of that left that mixes all the “right” exponents – including liberals, Catholics and conservatives – in the great cauldron of the “fasci”. Why should the right love its enemy?

– The peccadilloes of Michela Murgia with the tax authorities, real or presumed, I would have left them in oblivion: what’s the point of stirring up the tax problems of those who can no longer defend themselves?

– The premiered obtains the first laborious green light in the Senate. The road is long and it would be foolish to rejoice. The journey will be long and not without pitfalls. Already in Renzi’s time, Italy made the mistake of transforming a constitutional referendum into a political brawl: this time we hope not to fall for it again. The reforms are like bread for a simple reason: as was intended by the founding fathers, the political system no longer works. Too many governments, too many prime ministers, executives who fall and have no popular legitimacy. The world moves forward and the Charter cannot lag behind. From 1945 to today, the Magisterium of the Church has changed more than the Italian Constitution.

Ilaria Salis dictates the conditions to PD. Or at least his father does when talking about the possible candidacy in the European elections. It seems that at the moment there is nothing official, the Dems have not officially put forward the proposal and there is no meeting with Elly Schlein in sight. Roberto Salis, however, does not close the door and places a stake (quite a big one): the nomination must not “fall at the last moment” and above all, if she ends up on the list, Ilaria must also be elected. Otherwise she would risk being “massacred”. Summary: she didn’t even join the Democratic Party when the Salis were already dictating the conditions, asking for a place at the top of the list. Are you sure, dear Elly, that you want to embark on this adventure?

– Matteo Salvini makes a revelation that is not trivial: it seems that personal friendship with Georgie Melons is under construction, so much so that the two have started dating “even outside of politics”. Even more: every now and then the prime minister “plays Burraco with my girlfriend Francesca”. “Not me – insists Salvini – because they are two weasels and they hate losing”. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the idea of ​​the prime minister taking two hours for a Buraco. However, now that I know that she also likes playing cards, I can stop feeling like an old coot in taking pleasure in playing a game with my mother-in-law. The dream? Let Meloni challenge Burraco one of Joe Biden And Emmanuel Macron.

You know what to laugh about.

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