Germani dives into the Italian Cup dimension, Bragaglio: «Never been so strong»

History is rewritten. Coach Alessandro Magro is the most successful coach in Serie A in the history of Brescia. All thanks toyet another resounding victorythis time against Reggio Emilia. «The goal of finishing the regular season in at least fourth place has in fact been achieved – states Magro -. The strength of this team is ability to think about one game at a time, approaching the races in a serious manner. In Turin we will have to understand if we have closed the gap with those who are defined as the big ones.”

The Germani coach goes into the details of the success against the Reggio Emilia team, facilitated by a spectacular start. Della Valle and his companions effectively mauled Priftis’ men. «The match wasn’t very easy to approach – comments the coach – in the sense that I was afraid that for some people their minds were already in Turin. I’m happy with the response everyone gave, playing an excellent match. Massinburg’s absence? It doesn’t worry us – continues Magro –, it was only precautionary. However, he imposed non-canonical rotations on us, with Burnell as guard and Akele as three. It’s a very experimental set-up, which allowed us to put great physicality on the pitch, keeping their scorers with minimal spoils.”

Grand finale

The result projects Germany towards the Final Eight and towards a championship finale to be enjoyed. «We are ready – continues the coach –. We finally caught it five consecutive victories playing a very good game in front of a wonderful crowd, which is increasingly a factor. Now we must be able to go to Turin carrying with us the awareness of the path taken so far.”

Brescia no longer looks behind, but straight ahead. «Sixteen victories they allowed us to widen the gap to our pursuers. Now we have to keep track of the furrow we have created”, the coach’s words.

Reggio Emilia was the lowest point of Magro’s management (it was 2021). Against the same team Magro becomes the most successful coach in the history of Brescia in Serie A. «I am happy to be able to contribute to rewriting these club records – he comments -. However, it is a goal that we are keen to nurture and I use the plural because you cannot achieve these goals alone».

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