“In favor of Flaminio. Scudetto 1915? I will do my best…”

“In favor of Flaminio. Scudetto 1915? I will do my best…”
“In favor of Flaminio. Scudetto 1915? I will do my best…”

The former Mayor of Rome and huge fan of the club gave a long and interesting interview Lazio Francesco Rutelli than to the microphones of Radio you are he spoke not only about the Biancocelesti but also about his family, the 1915 Scudetto and the Flaminio.

LAZIO – “I have always been a season ticket holder for Lazio. I have always ridden a motorbike and continued to do so even when I was Mayor of Rome until the Prefect arranged for a motorbike escort which embarrassed me. Same thing at the stadium: I went to the stadium on my own business until they put an escort at the stadium too. At that point I decided as long as I was in office to go to the authorities’ gallery”.

SCUDETTO 1915 – “The awarding of the 1915 scudetto seems right to me, I was at the stadium when we won the 1974 one and I was Mayor when we won the 2000 one. It was a great privilege. As regards the 1915 scudetto, I would be happy to work towards its recognition by the FIGC… let’s talk about it”.

FAMILY – “In my family there was a lukewarm sympathy for Lazio, but the real fan was my grandfather. He took me to see Lazio-Sambenedettese 3-0 in the early 60s (1 October 1961 ed.) and I fell in love with these colours. I took my nephew Carlo a few weeks ago to see Lazio-Lecce, luckily it went well… I named my first son Giorgio in honor of an ancestor who died in the war for the unification of Italy, but my wife says I did it for Chinaglia. She says so… (laughs ed.)”.

FLAMINIONot only am I in favor of Flaminio for Lazio, but they are in favor of the demolition and reconstruction of the Flaminio. I also got some complaints because I proposed this thing. No stadium in the world built in the 1950s remains standing and usable. Everywhere you go it’s like this. Even the lower part of the Olimpico was different and you were standing, which would be unthinkable now. The Nervis’ claim is absurd: maintaining a ruin in the center of Rome just to keep an obsolete project alive. I talked about it with Lotito, I talked about it with Onorato and Abodi. The argument is banal: we need a credible project for 48/50,000 places to demolish and rebuild the Flaminio. The problem of accessibility must be consolidated and also those of parking. But nearby there is the Auditorium that I built, there is the Maxxi…”.

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