SARDINIA, The “Io Povero” association at the service of abandoned children

SARDINIA, The “Io Povero” association at the service of abandoned children
SARDINIA, The “Io Povero” association at the service of abandoned children


Published on November 21st, 2023 |
by Editorial Staff

The numbers are impressive and little known. “Every year, in Sardinia alone, 60 to 80 children are abandoned.” “Official data from the Prefecture” he says Silvio Piscioneriretired former Marshal of the Carabinieri who, precisely to take care of these abandoned children, created theI Poor Association. These are children who are often left because they are perhaps suffering from illnesses, as in approximately 30% of cases. “I know that world having been part of it” he tells us “because I too was abandoned and this was the driving force that pushed me to take care of it.”. The name of the Association represents the extreme poverty of a newborn child, often left naked and without a family, “is there greater poverty than this?” says Piscioneri. “Those who are abandoned will not know, in the vast majority of cases, their past and are often deprived of the possibility of building a normal future as happens to many other children”. Precisely to guarantee them a different future, Silvio Piscioneri aims to build a project that can teach these kids a job that frees them and sets them free. “I have already started contacts with various entrepreneurial activities, especially in the restaurant sector who have shown me their availability, but the difficulties are many and I often realize that the topic is of little interest even to politics. Also because no one knows the extent of the phenomenon.” There are many initiatives that he tries to carry forward. ”We are trying to sell the works, acquired through an auction, which were in Rigopiano. I would like these paintings, which have seen such great drama, to serve to give happiness to these children today. I hope that some organization can acquire them and I will make that money available to abandoned children.” Furthermore, for Christmas “we would like to give a thousand smiles to patients hosted in some hospital facility, perhaps even in Sarrabus, by giving them a little thought. We’re working on it”. Silvio Piscioneri speaks with enthusiasm and passion about this activity, which is as important as it is little-known: “Of course, so far I have had few doors open but I won’t give up. I know what it means to be poor and abandoned. Because I too have been naked and poor.” IGNAZIO MONNI (


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