Leclerc and Sainz, white smoke on the renewal, the indiscretion. And Vasseur presents the manhole bill in Las Vegas

Leclerc and Sainz, white smoke on the renewal, the indiscretion. And Vasseur presents the manhole bill in Las Vegas
Leclerc and Sainz, white smoke on the renewal, the indiscretion. And Vasseur presents the manhole bill in Las Vegas

The renewal is there, the signature would have been there, the announcement will be there. White smokefinally, on the extension of the binding contract Carlos Sainz And Charles Leclerc at the Ferrari. A formality given that it has long been obvious that the two drivers will not move from Maranello, not next time, not in the future, at least in the short and medium term.

In the meantime, those who are really excited, beyond the renewal issue which we repeat are nice and settled, Frederic Vasseur. The team principal of Ferrari he hasn’t yet digested the “killer manhole cover” that tore the bottom of Carlos Sainz’s SF23, forcing the Spaniard to ruin what would have been a front row on the starting grid. But above all at the Ferrari TP the almosts don’t go down two million damages on the red single-seater. Sensational actions by the SF team are not excluded.

Ferrari, Leclerc and Sainz have renewed: word from Leo Turrini

There will be official communication soon. Carletto and Carlitos will remain at Ferrari beyond 2024. Leclerc and Sainz will try to win the World Cup dressed in red.

So almost en passant in the incipit of an article on Las Vegas Grand Prixthe well-known Formula 1 journalist, Leo Turrini on the Sports newspaperannounced the renewal of the two drivers of the Ferrari, Charles Leclerc (whom he affectionately calls Carletto) e Carlos (aka Carlitos) Sainz.

In short, nothing sensational given that the renewal of the two drivers in the red beyond the natural expiry of the contract, dated 2024, still seemed obvious in light of the movements of the other teams. But this signature, complete with an official announcement, seems to never arrive, and to say that we are now at the last race of the season. Formalities, details, which could perhaps arrive at any moment from here to Abu Dhabi, the stage of the last race of the 2023 World Championship.

F1, Leclerc and Sainz: the Mercedes and Audi court returned to the sender (for now)

As mentioned the renewal of Sainz and Leclerc with Ferrari had never really been in doubt. Although at the beginning of the season, especially for the Monegasque, there was talk of an interest on the part of Mercedes in a hypothetical and “fantasy car” swap with Lewis Hamilton heading towards Maranello And Leclerc towards Brackley.

With regard to Sainzit is no mystery that theAudi dreams for its entry into the Spanish F1. Carlos Sainz seniorgreat rally champion, in the recent past confirmed the contacts of the German giant with his son. For the gossips more to put pressure on Ferrari on the negotiation for the renewal for the son and for anything else. But the fact remains that the experience, the speed, the spirit of adaptation to the single-seater demonstrated by the driver from Madrid in recent years in Maranello are characteristics appreciated by the Audi headquarters.

Las Vegas GP, Vasseur presents the bill: “2 million in damages on Sainz”

If on the one hand Ferrari celebrated in Las Vegas with Charles Leclerc’s 2nd placeon the other Carlos Sainz chewed bitterly for not having had the opportunity to participate in the fight against Red Bull for the podium and who knows for the victory. The Spaniard, 2nd in qualifying, started 12th due to the penalty imposed on him for replacing the battery on his SF23.

At the origin of evil that damned manhole that destroyed the bottom of the Ferrari of the Spaniard at the start of free practice on Friday. Beyond the insult, the damage could be said. Given that not only was the Maranello team saddled with the penalty for faults of third parties (no failure, no driver error) but above all there was extensive damage to the Spaniard’s SF23.

And what damage! That the team principal Frederic Vasseur puts it at around 2 million dollars:

“I will have a private discussion with stakeholders of this event. There is no provision in the budget to exclude accidents. We will certainly have many additional costs: chassis, gearbox and battery were damaged, the engine failed. We had consequences from a financial, sporting point of view and on the stock of spare parts. From a budgetary point of view it is definitely not easy.”

Will Ferrari sue Las Vegas organizers? The previous Hass

The words of the Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur they almost seem to be the prelude to a request for damages by Maranello from the organizers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix for the manhole story. It must be said that in 2017, the organizers of the Malaysian Grand Prix compensated Haas precisely because of a loose manhole cover that damaged the car of the then driver, Romain Grosjean.

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