33 Venetian companies protagonists at the Nuova di Levante MECSPE fair in Bari from 23 to 25 November | Bellunopress

33 Venetian companies protagonists at the Nuova di Levante MECSPE fair in Bari from 23 to 25 November | Bellunopress
33 Venetian companies protagonists at the Nuova di Levante MECSPE fair in Bari from 23 to 25 November | Bellunopress

Also Robotunits Italia srl ​​of Auronzo Di Cadore at the MECSPE event in Bari, a point of reference for the manufacturing industry

Milan, 20 November 2023 – There are 33 companies from the Veneto region that will participate in the second edition of MECSPE Bari, the main Italian fair dedicated to the manufacturing industry organized by Senaf which will be held from 23 to 25 November 2023 at the Nuova Fiera del Levante. In particular, at a territorial level there will be 16 companies from the province of Vicenza, 6 from Treviso, 5 from Verona, 4 from Padua, Umana SPA from Venice, and Robotunits Italia SRL from Belluno.

After the positive debut of MECSPE in 2019 in Bari and the record results of the last edition in Bologna, with the new Focus Mediterranean edition the spotlight will be put on one of the most strategic sectors for our country. The manufacturing sector, in fact, with its almost 451,500 companies active on the national territory[1]of which 47,555 in Veneto, represents a fundamental asset for the development of the entrepreneurial and socio-economic fabric of the country.

A virtuous ecosystem, the one promoted by MECSPE, which will develop over 20,000 m2 of exhibition space, with 13 thematic halls, 500 companies present, over 100 conferences and workshops, 11 special initiatives. The support of institutions and associations is fundamental, including the Puglia Region, the Municipality of Bari, Confindustria Bari BAT, Confimi Meccanica, CNA Produzione, La Nuova Energia District, Informatica Production District, AIDAM, ASCOMUT, Sprintx, TMP.

MECSPE thus confirms itself as a fundamental guide for the many entrepreneurs who continue to believe in growth and who do not stop investing to make their company innovative and future-oriented. Surely some barriers will have to be overcome, but the “company captains” are ready for this and are already pushing the accelerator on key issues for the entire industry, including innovation, sustainability and training. Topics to which MECSPE has dedicated the utmost attention, with experts who have given life to numerous events, networking activities and demonstration activities, aimed at illustrating the innovation processes and virtuous practices implemented in the sector.
A path to keep up with the transformation of the industry, which does not just mean adopting new technologies, however important, but creating the conditions for a true cultural change expected on a global level.

For this reason, the new edition of MECSPE will be closer to businesses, touching on the major themes that today are having and will increasingly have a direct impact on the development plans of entrepreneurs, starting from the Heart of the Exhibition “Energy transition and sustainability in the manufacturing industry” . This is the central area of ​​the fair which will see market and technology experts discuss the challenges of the future and the impact of the sector on the environment and the communities of reference.

These issues will also be addressed within the Innovation Square, where topics such as the research and development of innovative materials and technologies for high-tech industries will be explored. The Square was born from the collaboration with the technical partner for innovation CETMA, Center for Planning, Design and Materials Technologies.
The Sustainability Objective Path will also highlight sustainable issues, an initiative created to highlight and reward exhibitors who have distinguished themselves for their ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) corporate practices.

Another new entry will be the StartUp Factory, which will arrive in Bari for the first time, after the success of the Bologna edition, offering high-tech B2B startups networking and presentation opportunities to an audience of companies and associations from the industry manufacturing.
The attention to young talents will continue in the context of the Piazza della Formazione 4.0, organized by the ITS A. Cuccovillo Foundation and the partner companies and in the area dedicated to training and demonstration activities of the Polytechnic of Bari.

A meeting space that offers new opportunities to young people and promotes contact between the academic world and companies and puts students in direct contact with industry.
Furthermore, students who have almost finished their studies will be able to get in direct contact with the companies present in search of trained resources thanks to the MECSPE YOUNG & CAREER section.

All this and much more will animate the Bari stage of MECSPE, which for over 20 years has acted as a meeting point to encourage technological and “cultural” exchange to orient entrepreneurs towards an increasingly sustainable and innovative industry, suitable for young and with people at the centre.

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