the hypothesis is there, but let’s be CLARITY

the hypothesis is there, but let’s be CLARITY
the hypothesis is there, but let’s be CLARITY
Possible freezing turn with cold and snow at the end of November

Important freezing turning point expected for the end of November, with cold and snow arriving in Italy! The hypothesis is taking on more and more substance, a vast area filled with cold air with values ​​of up to -30°C is already forming over Northern Europe between Lapland, Sweden and Norway, ready to pour into the Old Continent in the coming weeks due to large movements at the hemispheric level.

Taking a look at the latest updates from the European Center it would seem that the High Pressure present in the Atlantic Ocean in view of the last ten days of the month could reach almost as far as the North Pole: this movement would consequently trigger the descent of icy air masses of Arctic-Continental origin first towards the heart of the continent, then extending to the Mediterranean basin.
We’re talking about one rather cold air mass for the period (up to -10/-12°C at the isobaric altitude of 850 hPa, approximately 1500 meters above sea level), capable of bringing an authentic winter outburst around thelast decade (from 28-29/11 onwards) of November until about our country.

But that’s not all: the incoming cold air could in fact interact with the milder and more unstable Mediterranean currents. This would favor the formation of depression lows over our country with sometimes very intense rainfall. Given the very cold temperatures they will be snowfall possible up to very low altitude especially in the central regions, locally as far as the Adriatic plains and coasts.

Freezing air masses (in blue and purple) towards Italy by the end of November
As we always remember, these are medium-long term projections, therefore susceptible to important variations. Having said that, we are most likely expecting a dynamic and crackling end of the month. All that remains is to follow the situation and always stay updated.

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