“Smeared with blood.” The social centers use Giulia against the government

“Smeared with blood.” The social centers use Giulia against the government
“Smeared with blood.” The social centers use Giulia against the government

Poor Giulia Cecchettin. Barbarously killed and already borrowed by those who – without authorization – would like to do so political propaganda exploiting his sad story. Poor indeed: used as a pretext to give strength to certain old partisan slogans. The name of the young woman from Saonara will be shouted out loudly tomorrow, November 21st, in what social centers and red collectives have already defined as a “day of anger in schools and universities“. In fact, yet another demonstration will take place in those places ideological backgroundas can be seen from the tone of those who organized the protest.

In a statement from the collective Change courseamong the promoters of the initiative, Giulia’s case is cited to argue that “this rotten society, made of individualism, competition and oppression, is strengthened by the desire for possession and patriarchal domination“. But then the mask falls: the political recriminations, attacks on the government and institutions. “We also want to make ourselves heard against exploitation by the Meloni government and the political class of this country“, we read in a post released by the social centres. And with disappointment they mention Minister Bernini, who had announced the awarding of the degree honorary to the murdered student, Minister Validara and Deputy Prime Minister Tajani. In fact, the condolences of the latter did not please the antagonists, perhaps convinced that they could decide how to react to the most recent feminicide.

In calling the protest in schools and universities, an open attack was also launched on the members of the executive: “Ministers of a government, and of an entire system, that thinks it can clean its hands covered in blood with symbolic actions. Ministers of a Government and of an educational system that is oriented only to profit and not to the cultural growth and well-being of society and, for this reason, a useful instrument for the reproduction of systemic violence“. Delusional statements, in the true sense of the word. That is, because they go beyond the current events and lead to summary evaluations that are entirely subjective, biased and of a political nature.

The ministers Valditara and Bernini, who think well of, do not represent us exploit the killing of Giulia, after their government, with the cut to citizens’ income, the closure of many anti-violence centers, the attack on the right to abortion and all the anti-popular policies, takes away from each of us the possibility of self-determination and exit from violent situations“, continues the risky statement on the social profiles of Cambiare Route. But the paradox is that those talking about exploitation are activists who are using Giulia’s tragic murder to support their theses and present them as absolute truths.

Behind, then, there is the usual extremist thinking. There is the cauldron into which the kids from the collectives put everything, causing confusion. “They don’t represent us patriarchal women like Meloni, Von Der Leyen, Schlein and Minister Bernini herself, women in power who have nothing different from their male predecessors, including warmongering will against (also) many women in countries that are enemies of the West“, finally reads the mobilization statement. These same slogans will be repeated tomorrow in schools and universities; then on November 25th they will echo in a demonstration called in Rome. Meanwhile, while the social centers shout and make accusations, the government does: as announced In fact, a bill for women in danger is coming from Prime Minister Meloni.

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