“Model boy”. The shock page in defense of Filippo Turetta

“Model boy”. The shock page in defense of Filippo Turetta
“Model boy”. The shock page in defense of Filippo Turetta

Jackals and idiots don’t even stop in the face of tragedy. In the hours of mourning for Giulia Cecchettin, the 22-year-old from Saonara found lifeless near Lake Barcis, there are those on social media who waste time in provocations. In fact, a page dedicated to the young woman’s boyfriend appeared on Facebook, accused of aggravated voluntary homicide and arrested in Germany. “Filippo Turetta model boy“is the title of the aforementioned space, opened by unknown persons”to refute the allegations about a good boy who was the victim of media carelessness“. On the page in question, the serious accusations weighing on the boy are in fact questioned, with arguments that have offended the sensitivity of many.

While waiting for the investigations to clarify in detail what happened to Giulia, on the page dedicated to Filippo Turetta the prevailing acquittal theses and unpleasant insinuations against the victim’s sister. “Could it be that in six months there are European elections and ‘someone’ is taking the opportunity? Will we soon have a new Ilaria Cucchi in circulation?“, we read in one of the messages published on Facebook. And again, in reference to Turetta: “Giving ‘consent to extradition’ does not mean ‘confessing’,
it means wanting to return to Italy as soon as possible to clarify your position having nothing to hide
“. The page also dedicates a song to the young man that Peter Gabriel had in turn dedicated to Steven Biko, “like Philip – it is read – unjustly arrested. Let’s hope it helps to give him strength“.

Among the posts that have aroused the most annoyance and indignation, the one in which the court case of Enzo Tortora. “After years of trials and unjust detention the truth was re-established. And this is exactly what will happen for Philip“, says the wording attached to a photograph of the popular TV host. The case of. is also cited Meredith Kercher and there is no shortage of accusations against Turetta’s defense lawyer, judged too much “soft” and above all convinced of the guilt of his client. Luckily the page does not have many followers, but there are thousands of them indignant comments appeared under those posts with a highly provocative flavor.

I find this page incredibly squalid, I hope they take action. Shame“, we read among the many hostile reactions to the contents of the fictitious Facebook profile. Someone tries to argue that Turetta is being subjected to heavy accusations. However, it is useless to argue with a troll. With someone who wallows in the mud, even in tragedy.

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