From the Taranto seafront, the secret show “THE FUTURE COMES FROM THE SEA” to preview Raffo’s new image and its national launch

November 19, Taranto. From the 1919 Raffo it’s the beer of Taranto, “the city of the two seas” and it is precisely in its city of origin that the brand has chosen to preview its future through an exciting and unprecedented water show, entitled “The future comes from the sea”.

«A tribute to Taranto to celebrate a historic step for the brand: the launch of Raffo throughout the national territory starting from 2024, which will bring all Italians the positive spirit and the determination of this land, accompanied by a new image. We know how much the sea is a central element for this city and for the whole of Puglia, for this reason, we wanted to tell the brand’s bond with its land of origin and what we thought for the future through an unprecedented show, projected directly onto the sea » declares Viviana Manera, Peroni Beer Marketing Director.

Last night, in fact, Raffo turned on the lights of the Taranto seafront with an evocative water showgiving the city a unique show among exciting plays of lights, images, sounds and colors of Puglia.

The show was kicked off by the mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci, who commented «Few products have such a strong identity bond with their city of origin, which is why we are proud of the fact that, from today, Birra Raffo can tell the beauty of Taranto to all of Italy, in line with what we have done in recent years”.

In this suggestive location the new image of Raffo: a totally renewed, modern, dynamic and impactful identity, which maintains its blue and red colors to recall the link with Taranto. The waves represented on the collar of the bottle bring back the marine imagery and confirm the indissoluble belonging to its land of origin, Puglia.

On the bottle, in continuity with the current image of Raffo, the symbol of Taras is shown – a figure from Greek mythology, son of Poseidon and the nymph Satyria, as well as the legendary founder of the city of Taranto revisited in a modern, lively and characterful key , projected towards the future.

A further element that unites Raffo with his native land is the presence of Puglia barley in the recipe, once again underlining the quality of this beer.

For over 100 years Raffo has represented the tenacity and positive spirit with which the people of Puglia face life and wanted to celebrate them with this evening event which saw the participation, among others, of local institutions, journalists and influencers.

Furthermore, Raffo has decided to contribute to the restoration of historical artefacts found in the two seas of Taranto, with a donation to MarTA Museum (National Archaeological Museum of Taranto) place where the treasures that tell the origins of the city are kept, starting from the ancient coins representing the Taras, symbol of Raffo.

The MarTA Museum was also the exceptional venue for a night event in which artistic performances took turns that revisited the Apulian tradition in a modern key, including an unprecedented live performance by Isobel Karaa young duo coming from the current edition of X Factor, who brought their particular interpretation of the Apulian sound into a contemporary interpretation.

Raffo is ready to bring all the positive spirit of her land, Puglia, to the whole of Italy.

Raffo beer, part of the Birra Peroni Group, was born in Taranto in 1919 and in 1961 its history intersected with that of Birra Peroni which has always supported the strength of the brand in its native land and preserved the original recipe.

Raffo Ricetta Originale, enriched with barley from Puglia, is a light lager with a soft body and a very refreshing dry taste, with just a hint of bitterness in the finish. To appreciate it at its best, we recommend drinking it strictly crunchy, or iced as per the Apulian tradition.

It is produced today as then with the same recipe and with the same pride. In fact, Raffo celebrates the typical ability of the Apulians to face life with a positive spirit and determination, because life is made partly by what happens to you and the rest by how you react.

Raffo has always been such a popular beer that, although local, it represents the third largest brand in terms of volumes of Birra Peroni and is the only brand in Italy to develop so many hectoliters in a single province.

From 2024 Raffo will bring his Apulian spirit into the homes of all Italians.

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