“No cuts to virtuous municipalities” – www.anci.it

“No cuts to virtuous municipalities” – www.anci.it
“No cuts to virtuous municipalities” – www.anci.it

Regional Anci

The new statute of the Association was voted on which provides for adjustments to the national one and the change of headquarters

“First assembly in the new headquarters of Anci Veneto, for which we thank the president of the Province of Padua, Sergio Giordani, for the hospitality he offers us. Today we listened to the voice of the mayors, of the communities, worried by the forecast of cuts which, however, cannot fall once again on the Municipalities. It is now clear to everyone that faced with an explosion in costs, without funding, Municipalities find themselves in the situation of having to increase taxes or reduce services. Unfortunately we are witnessing unequal treatment, when failing Municipalities are supported and even exempted from cuts, while the virtuous ones – i.e. 100% of those in Veneto, for example – still have to make sacrifices, putting at risk the maintenance of essential services for our citizens – the comment of Mario Conte, president of Anci Veneto. As mayors and communities of the Veneto, with a single voice, we will discuss with the Region and the Government to avoid further bloodletting. In recent days I spoke personally with Minister Giorgetti, at least averting the 2023 cut, now we will go to dialogue for the next few years, with great responsibility and in a constructive way. However, I believe that in the face of initiatives such as the “Southern decree”, I believe the time has come for a “Municipalities decree”, so that all Italian municipalities are supported. The National Anci, in collaboration with the UPI, works every day to guarantee services to citizens”.
“The new headquarters in a central location accessible to all is good – continued the deputy vice-president of Anci Veneto, Maria Rosa Pavanello – among the many topics there is the regional law on ATS. From the comparison, the request is to continue with the law, but to avoid the mayors the costs of the legal institution that the operation entails”.
“I have been active in the Anci in various capacities for 20 years – said the vice-president of Anci Veneto, Elisa Venturini – and there has always been dialogue between Municipalities and the State. We don’t want to go against the State, but it is necessary to make the mayors understand the needs, considering that the various territories all have different needs. In Veneto we don’t have any municipalities in difficulty, we have good accounts, good and honest administrators”.
The president of the Province of Padua, Sergio Giordani, said he was satisfied to host the Annual Regional Assembly of the Anci and simultaneously inaugurate the new official headquarters of the association at the “Cittadella”: “The Province welcomes the Anci with pleasure in an institutional context which represents a particularly suitable place for address the challenges and opportunities involving local authorities – he declared – I want to constantly underline the importance of collaboration between local authorities regarding national issues and decisions taken at higher levels. It is undeniable that collaboration and the creation of solid networks between territories are fundamental for the well-being of the entire country and local communities. In this context, the Province presents itself as an ideal partner to encourage dialogue and cooperation, contributing to the strengthening of ties between local institutions. The ANCI is truly welcome.”

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