Differentiated autonomy. For Zullino, Calderoli’s statements are absurd

Differentiated autonomy. For Zullino, Calderoli’s statements are absurd
Differentiated autonomy. For Zullino, Calderoli’s statements are absurd

Tuesday 21 November 2023 – «We are disconcerted by the position reiterated by Minister Calderoli regarding the issue of differentiated autonomy, central to the destiny of Basilicata.
The minister – states the regional councilor and group leader of Basilicata Oltre, Massimo Zullino – talks about an opportunity to align the regions of the South with those of the North, but does not talk about how this goal can be achieved.
Words without programming, based on a thought that is not demonstrated by numbers. Indeed, Calderoli finally admits the existence of a gap which is due precisely to poor management of political choices to the detriment of the South.
We at Basilicata Oltre – continues Zullino – have discussed this measure extensively in the two very important conferences, in Matera and Venosa, with authoritative university professors, who have highlighted all the limits and tragic effects that concretely threaten competitive capacity and development balanced socio-economic status of the country.
We remember that Bardi sold out Basilicata by expressing a personal positive opinion on the Calderoli DDL without prior discussion in the Regional Council».

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«We therefore reiterate – states Zullino – the priority of protecting the legitimate needs of Lucanian citizens, who are strongly penalized by this wicked differentiated autonomy project proposed by the Northern League member Calderoli.
The consequences of this bill, which goes well beyond article 116 of the Constitution, are in fact unacceptable from all points of view. The risks linked to the increase in social and territorial inequalities in the country remain serious, especially affecting the citizens of Lucania and Southern Italy on essential public services in terms of health, transport, education, energy, environmental protection and even justice of peace. We cannot accept all this and we will continue to fight in all the appropriate places to prevent Italy from being divided into twenty small states”, continues Zullino.

«We underline that with the absurdity of the proposal relating to the possibility of having different legislation for each Region, even on issues of national or, even worse, supranational character and interest, we would be going back more than a century.

Therefore – continues Zullino – we underline the need to safeguard the attribution of competences which must be able to count on a universal and equal basis with the aim of quickly closing this sad chapter in the recent history of our Region, deploying the best energies of Basilicata .
Instead of trying to change (with terrible results) the Italian Constitution, let’s think about solving the real problems of our country.
Citizens are no longer able to take care of themselves, to find work, to give a future to our young people, to plan a growth and territorial development plan. In short, if you don’t have concrete ideas to solve real problems, don’t waste time playing with the Constitution that was laboriously handed over to us by our Founding Fathers”, concludes Zullino.

Cover photo: Massimo Zullino

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