22 victims in 7 years in the Marche

22 victims in 7 years in the Marche
22 victims in 7 years in the Marche

ANCONA The tragic fate of Giulia Cecchettin, the 22-year-old Venetian student found dead in a canal near Lake Barcis, has kept all of Italy and even the Marche in suspense: since Saturday – the day of the girl’s disappearance, taken by her ex Filippo Turretta aboard a black Punto – all attention and prayers were directed to this girl who in an instant became the daughter of all mothers and fathers, the sister that everyone would have wanted to protect, the best friend that no one would have wanted lose in such an atrocious way. The discovery of her body has thrown into despair those who, in all these days, have been apprehensively following the story and the frantic investigations that have followed in the hope that the epilogue could be different. But it was not so.

History repeating itself

Giulia is yet another victim of feminicide, the last name written in blood on the list of women killed ferociously by those who had once loved them. In the last year, 83 women have been murdered in Italy, one every four days. A massacre. In the Marche region, in 2023 alone there were three very brutal feminicides: Marina Luzi, 39 year old mother of a small daughter, was killed with a gunshot by her conspiracy theorist brother-in-law Andrea Marchionni, 47 year old. The man said he had fired a single shot in her forehead so as not to make her suffer, explaining that he had done so because for some time she had been the cause of her discomfort together with Covid vaccines, electronic devices and freemasonry. A delirium that led him to take her mother away from a two-year-old girl.

The blacklist

Concetta Marruocco, on the other hand, had three children and was massacred in October by her ex-husband Franco Panariello, who she had reported for violence and mistreatment and who had already ended up on trial. Her 55-year-old man killed her without mercy, in front of her 16-year-old daughter who was in her bedroom. On February 25, however, 85-year-old Giuseppina Traini was found dead in her home suffering from several stab wounds. Her husband, Giovanni Petrini, born in 1934, with whom the woman lived in Coapodarco di Fermo, struck her to death. A sequence of violence and anger which from 2017 to today has marked the fate of 22 women in our region with an average of three feminicides per year. In these days when we mourn the tragic end of Giulia Cecchettin, we want to remember the women who in the Marche were victims of men’s violence in a massacre that seems to have no end. On the contrary.

The numbers

The Report on gender violence in the Marche, which is presented today in the Regional Council, records how in 2022 705 women turned to anti-violence centres, 42 more than the 663 in 2021. The trend over the last decade shows a constant increase: from 2012 to 2021 accesses more than doubled. But who are the victims? 75% of the women who turn to the Cav are aged between 30 and 59, are of Italian nationality (in 71% of cases), have a job and are displaced in 40.3% of cases, «given that confirms how the phenomenon significantly affects the domestic sphere”, explains the dossier.
And more than half have minor children. As for the perpetrators of violence, they are mainly spouses, with a total of 326 cases out of 874 (37.3%). “Another piece of evidence – continues the Report – confirming the domestic characteristic of violence against women, which proliferates precisely in the most intimate relationships”. These are mostly Italians between 40 and 59 years old with stable employment. The International Day against Violence against Women is celebrated on November 25th: let it be a warning and not a simple anniversary.

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