Foresters are protesting for the failure to make up for lost days

Foresters are protesting for the failure to make up for lost days
Foresters are protesting for the failure to make up for lost days

Tuesday 21 November 2023 – “Great confusion and carelessness in the hydraulic-forestry sector: last Friday, the Basilicata Reclamation Consortium and the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Policies of the Basilicata Region communicated the closure of the construction sites, eluding the possibility to the Forestry and Saaap workers to make up for lost days, as required by art. 22 of the CIRL of the section signed on 4/8/2022”.
They denounce it with a note Vincenzo Pellegrino (FLAI CGIL), Gerardo Nardiello (Uila Uil), Raffaella Buonaguro (Do CISL).
“Once again – continues the note – the workers in this sector are the object of injustice and abuse of power by employers, who deny them the right to complete the work cycle with the unworthy excuse of lack of financial availability .

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The FLAI – FAI and UILA category secretaries asked, in vain, for a discussion table with Councilor Galella and the Basilicata Reclamation Consortium, to take stock of the situation in the sector, but all this was to no avail”.
The secretaries Pellegrino, Nardiello and Buonaguro point out that “for a few months now the Councilor has become “fugitive”, not taking into account an audience of precarious workers, mostly single-income, who are barely able to meet their living expenses due to the high life.

In light of the above, the union representatives loudly reiterate the respect of the contractual rules which unfortunately the Basilicata Reclamation Consortium makes improper use of, humiliating the work of the employees.

It is clear, once again, that – Pellegrino, Nardiello and Buonaguro denounce – this political class does not care at all about the problems of the Lucanians, the environment and the development of this sector which can offer so much in terms of employment benefits and in the safety of the territory, guaranteeing the survival of our communities increasingly afflicted by the phenomenon of depopulation. Now more than ever we need to act to ensure that this sector becomes not only useful to the local community, but is also able to protect the many families who animate it with their work.

Once again, they conclude, it is unfortunate to note the lack of discussion with the union; therefore, «if within a few hours no summons arrives from Councilor Galella, before whom we intend to express our point of view and bring the workers’ requests, we will demonstrate with all the Forestry and Saaap employees under the regional building »,

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