Eight labels of heroic wines from Basilicata protagonists in the Veneto for the new edition of “Vini da Terre Estreme”

Eight labels of heroic wines from Basilicata were the protagonists yesterday, and will be again today, in the prestigious Villa Braida in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) of the new “Vini da Terre Estreme” edition, after the appointment at the end of October in Matera. Once again at the center of the attention of producers, experts, sales companies in Italy and abroad, enthusiasts of good wine, is the “heroic viticulture” built over the centuries by unknown farmers, who by necessity had to and knew how interpreting inhospitable territories in extremely difficult conditions and which has remained so over time, handed down from generation to generation. The Vini da Terre Estreme project by Alvaro De Anna (Pilota Green) aims to raise awareness and transfer this heritage of values, knowledge and emotions, so that it is “understood” as the very essence of the product and the territory that generated it.

A Masterclass is dedicated to the heroic wines of Basilicata. The tasting will be led by Paolo Ianna, expert in the world of wine, and Renato Grando, historical teacher of food. These are the selected wines:

  • 100 Saints, Classic Method – Dragone Vini
  • Guarnaccino Rosato – Luigi Lauria
  • Spinale, Aglianico del Vulture in Amphora – Nima
  • Toccaculo, Petit Verdot – Battifarano
  • Pietragalla White – Nolè
  • Matitone, Primitivo della Basilicata – Crocco
  • Covo dei Briganti, Aglianico del Vulture – Evia
  • To close, a rare curiosity, Colatamurro Nero di Pietragalla

“Vini da Terre Estreme” confirms itself as a privileged meeting point with the best Italian “heroic” winemaking tradition, dedicating space and attention to the numerous realities capable of offering these extraordinary wines that make our wine heritage rich and varied.

Two days, dedicated to the market and to the knowledge of these unique wines, aimed at both operators and advanced consumers, with the presence of the owners of the cellars.
Both professionals (distributors, Ho.Re.Ca., media) and passionate wine lovers will have the opportunity to learn about and taste the best production of heroic labels, in an ideal route that crosses the entire country: from Trentino Alto Adige to Sardinia, from the Aosta Valley to the island of Pantelleria, passing through Valtellina and the Amalfi Coast, the Cinque Terre and the slopes of Etna, Friuli, the Tuscan islands, Veneto, touching Istria, Dalmatia, Serbia.

At Villa Braida, professional operators and wine lovers will be able to taste over 300 labels proposed by small companies of our country’s heroic wine production. “After the success of the recent edition in Matera – says Alvaro De Anna – I thought of proposing eight heroic Lucanian wines in the event which is aimed above all at the world of Venetian and Northern wine. Small-large wines from the South compared with small-large wines from the North also to encourage us to overcome the weak point of the Southern wine supply chain which is the lack of aggregation between wineries. There is no real work by the Consortia for the promotion of the Southern areas, each one goes in no particular order. Southern wines are highly sought after, as well as in Europe, especially in Asian countries and the United States. Obviously they represent a niche market but today very “fashionable”.

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