Decentralized finance in Tuscany: from the round table to Mazzarrini’s Bitwino

Decentralized finance in Tuscany: from the round table to Mazzarrini’s Bitwino
Decentralized finance in Tuscany: from the round table to Mazzarrini’s Bitwino

Decentralized finance, often abbreviated to DeFi, is revolutionizing the world of finance globally, and Tuscany is no exception. This innovative financial system uses blockchain technology to bypass traditional intermediaries, offering more transparent and efficient financial services. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are at the center of this movement, but there are also some decidedly less well-known innovations, one of which was born right in our region: we refer specifically to the Bitwino cryptocurrency of the entrepreneur Marco Mazzarrini.

We start with the round table on cryptocurrencies

In Tuscany there are numerous entities that have become interested in cryptocurrencies. We are talking above all about First and the CISL union, which in March promoted a round table to investigate the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies. The meeting was held in via del Cavallaccio 36 (Florence) on 3 March this year, at the Hilton Florence Metropole. Furthermore, the round table hosted several prominent figures, including finance and ethics expert Ugo Biggeri and Massimo Esposito of Studiome, an expert in taxation and cryptocurrencies.

At the center of the discussion were issues such as: the usefulness of crypto, already covered by several online insights, and the impact of these digital currencies on finance at a global level, and on its future prospects. In this case, one fact was underlined: since the debut of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have spread in 15 years, but they still remain a mystery for the majority of Italians. On the other hand, we need to inform ourselves and know them, because they will soon become a routine for all of us.

Marco Mazzarrini launches Bitwino, the wine cryptocurrency

The Certaldo entrepreneur Marco Mazzarrini, owner of several wine estates in Tuscany, has decided to launch a cryptocurrency entirely dedicated to wine. The launch of Bitwino via the Ethereum platform took place in 2021, and had a very important purpose: to bring the quality of wine back to the forefront, following a system renamed as “New Method”. Furthermore, this method also has the objective of training young people who will soon work in the wine sector, so as to offer real added value to the entire sector, for the good of Tuscany and Italy.

Mazzarrini’s project demonstrates that digital currencies can have virtually infinite applications. In fact, the wine sector is not the only one to exploit blockchain and crypto currencies. Just think for example of the gambling sector, with the different types of bonuses offered by online casinos who use cryptocurrencies. Returning to Bitwino, this project has achieved very interesting results: not surprisingly, it has also managed to attract investors in Switzerland and overseas, more precisely in the USA (Napa Valley, California).

As mentioned, the Metodo Nuovo project serves to bring added value not only to the Tuscan wine sector, but to the region in general, creating new jobs and dedicating them, precisely, to young people. However, putting in the foreground the quality which, as declared by Mazzarrini himself, has dropped in level in recent years. Going into detail, the Tuscan entrepreneur’s plan involves hiring around 20 young graduates every year, with training this time not only more theoretical, but directly in the field, spread over 2 years.

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