A signature to simplify, Region-Ministry agreement today in Turin – Newsbiella.it

A signature to simplify, Region-Ministry agreement today in Turin – Newsbiella.it
A signature to simplify, Region-Ministry agreement today in Turin – Newsbiella.it

Simplify laws and procedures to benefit citizens and businesses. This is the purpose of the Memorandum of Intent signed today in Turin, at the Piedmont Skyscraper, by the Minister for Institutional Reforms and Simplification, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, and the President of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio, accompanied by the Simplification Councilor Maurizio Marrone, to jointly identify regulatory interventions capable of simplifying procedures and reducing bureaucracy for citizens and businesses in their relationships with the Public Administration.

Simplification is, among other things, one of the objectives of the Resilience Recovery Plan aimed at removing the administrative obstacles that penalize the competitiveness of the Italian economic system also on an international level. With the signing of the protocol, the Region and the Ministry share the establishment of a joint technical table which will have the task of identifying and producing real anti-bureaucracy regulations. With this protocol, the Piedmont Region undertakes to report to the ministry those regulatory simplification interventions under state competence that it believes could have positive consequences for citizens and businesses. For its part, the Ministry will evaluate the proposals and take an active part in their approval by the government.

The shared objective is in fact “to ensure, within their respective competences, the ‘cleanliness’ of the legal system through the state and regional regulatory reorganization, eliminating inconsistencies and antinomies with respect to the different legislative sectors, canceling rules already implicitly repealed and verifying in concrete whether it is really necessary to make a rule to achieve the public goal achieved’, we read in the text of the agreement.

«This is the fourth memorandum of understanding that as Minister for regulatory simplification I have signed with the Italian Regions – underlined Elisabetta Casellati – a necessary tool to listen and gather what the needs of the territories may be. We have built technical tables where our experts from the Regions and the Ministry will identify priorities: on the one hand a sort of ‘regulatory cleanup’ of regional laws, but also an intervention on national laws. It is an intervention model that will soon also be able to make use of an innovative tool that has never been applied in this field, such as Artificial Intelligence. An experiment that I wanted to announce right here, in Turin, where the Foundation for Artificial Intelligence will soon be born, because I am convinced that technology can help us have a better regulatory framework, without replacing man in the creation of laws, but by supporting him with its enormous potential. Bureaucracy is a stalker for citizens and businesses, “an enemy we have at home”: as soon as a child is born, we don’t have time to enjoy the birth before there are 4 documents to draw up in 3 different offices. To open a bar or any type of business, approximately 72 tasks are needed in 26 different offices. All this is unacceptable.”

«Simplifying procedures and reducing the amount of bureaucracy that citizens and businesses have to deal with every time they have to deal with the public administration is a duty we have towards our country, citizens and entrepreneurs for which too often “paper walls” are the cause of lack of investments, delays and complications – declares the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio – This also happens within the public administration itself. The first application of this agreement in Piedmont will have the objective of identifying a series of exemptions and simplifications to create schools and hospitals financed with Pnrr resources within certain timeframes. A group of technicians from the Region and Scr, our contracting authority, are already at work to identify the areas of intervention and arrive at the approval of a regional law at the beginning of 2024″.

“This Piedmont administration wanted a specific delegation for simplification in the belief that it is a duty towards citizens and businesses. We have recently introduced the “administrative warning” mechanism which finally allows companies not to suffer sanctions if they comply with the regulations within one month. However, the Region has limited legislative autonomy and therefore requires joint action at a national level to influence legislation” adds simplification councilor Maurizio Marrone.

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