The third edition of the workshop ‘Food is culture in Puglia’ in Taranto

The third edition of the workshop ‘Food is culture in Puglia’ in Taranto
The third edition of the workshop ‘Food is culture in Puglia’ in Taranto

Thursday 23 November 2023, at 4.00 pm, in Taranto, at the Relais Històthe third edition of the workshop will be held “In Puglia food is culture” which will focus on food in its broad meaning of tradition, Mediterranean diet, health, lifestyle. In fact, food represents a culture well rooted in Puglia, where flavours, colours, excellent typical products and popular customs mix and become narration, which tells the story of the villages and rural areas rich in charm.

In Puglia it is always a celebration at the table thanks to the authentic flavours, with the variant from where you go, the typical recipe you find. Thus ancient customs are renewed and reinvented with creativity, projecting themselves towards a sustainable future, also from a tourist perspective. In fact, food and wine culture represents one of the main levers of development of Apulian tourism.

It is a significant added value of the valuable regional offer, widely appreciated by tourists for its quality, favoring deseasonalisation and internationalisation. In fact, “food tourism” represents a driver that stimulates travelers from all over the world to visit the region and generates economic value thanks to the consolidation of the “Puglia brand”. Furthermore, it contributes to creating new opportunities for the entire extended supply chain with extraordinary growth possibilities, because he has yet to fully develop his full potential.

Food and wine tourism represents a form of cultural tourism which, by enhancing the territories, offers the traveler the opportunity to come into contact with the authentic spirit of the place and to acquire, through food, a sense of community.

The workshop will be opened by Paul Pontiuspresident of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and director of the Humanistic Research and Innovation Department of the University of Bari.

Roberta Garibaldi, one of the leading experts on the subject, will explain what “The winning moves of food and wine tourism” are. Garibaldi is vice president of the OECD Tourism Committee and president of the Italian Food and Wine Tourism Association.

“Food at the center of health and cultural welfare strategies” will be the topic he will cover Filomena Corbocoordinator of the interdepartmental center “Food in Health” of the University of Bari.

The common thread of the workshop will be bread, which has a culturally significant role in the heritage of a community and is the basic food around which the International project “Breads of the UNESCO Creative Cities”. The initiative aims to preserve the value of traditional breads, including any food in the world that uses a local flour.

Its creator will illustrate the project Giuseppe Biaginifounder of Creative Knowledge Foundation.

The talk will then be held, coordinated by the journalist Antonella Millarte, which will see the participation of Fabrizio Flavio Baldassarreprofessor of economics and business management at the University of Bari and President of the project committee of the “Enhancement of food and wine heritage” course of the ITS Agroalimentare Puglia.

They will also intervene Dalila D’Alloccoresearcher of agri-food storytelling within the “Interreg Creative@Hubs” project e Vincenzo Leggieripresident of Comunità Daune – Community Cooperative of Accadia, the village in the Dauni Mountains financed by the PNRR with 20 million euros for cultural, social and economic regeneration.

He will be the one pulling the strings of interventions Aldo Patrunodirector of the Tourism, Economy of Culture and Territorial Enhancement Department of the Puglia Region.

The workshop will end with the original theatrical performance “Le Pupe di pane”. Bread, the glue between peoples, is at the center of an imaginary journey that brings creativity and memory into play, through a representation of its preparation.

At the end, “relational tastings” on the topic will be served. Participation in the workshop is free with registration at the link:

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