the Azzurri qualify for Euro 2024

the Azzurri qualify for Euro 2024
the Azzurri qualify for Euro 2024


Zaniolo: “We played like a family”

Nicolò Zaniolo, interviewed at the end of the match against Ukraine: “It was a difficult match. Full of action on both sides: we are tired, but happy. We are the reigning European champions and now we have to defend our title. And do it, match after match. Spalletti it gave us enthusiasm. Today we all knew the importance of this match and we played like a family.” On his journey in the national team: “I never set goals for myself. I have to improve in the defensive phase and I have to become a more concrete player. Today I’m happy. English football is different: a new life experience. I’m happy with this choice.”


Chiesa: “We will go to the European Championship as champions”

Federico Chiesa comments on the draw with Ukraine and the qualification obtained by the Azzurri: “I’m very happy about the qualification. In September it seemed almost impossible. BUT we did it: despite an extraordinary match by Ukraine, we stayed in the game until the end and we did it. It’s an important result for us , for the fans and for the entire Italian football movement. I experienced the elimination against Macedonia from home, as a fan and I suffered a lot. Today however we are very happy. We are going to the European Championship and we will do it as reigning champions “.


Spalletti: “Now comes the best part”

Luciano Spalletti, coach of the national team, comments on the draw against Ukraine and the qualification for the European Championships: “It wasn’t easy. In football nothing is taken for granted. We had many opportunities, but after failing them, the match became dirty, physical. At that point no more football was played and Ukraine showed that they were a very strong team. Now the level will be raised and the best will come.”


Ukraine-Italy, the scoreboard

The scoreboard of the match between Ukraine and Italy, which ended 0-0 (READ EVERYTHING…)


Donnarumma: “We are back: now we will go to the European Championships as reigning champions”

“We are very happy. We are back and now we will go to the European Championships as champions. We thank all our fans who gave us an incredible hand. It was a great emotion. The team united in the suffering and now we can celebrate the qualification for the European Championships” . These are the words of Donnarumma at the end of the challenge.


90’+6′ – Final whistle: Ukraine-Italy 0-0

After six minutes of injury time (and Ukrainian protests for a alleged contact in the area between Cristante and Mudryk)the referee sends everyone to the changing rooms: Ukraine-Italy ends 0-0 – The Azzurri qualify for the final phase of the 2024 European Championships.


Buffon’s nervousness

Gigi Buffon very nervous: the head of the Italian delegation was the protagonist of a reaction that did not go unnoticed (READ EVERYTHING…)


90′ – Five minutes of injury time: final changes

They will play until the 95th minute: Malinovsky comes on for Ukraine, while Spalletti removes Politano (who came on less than twenty minutes ago) to insert Darmian.


89′ – Donnarumma saves from Sudakov

At the end of a prolonged action, Sudakov attempts a shot from 25 meters: Donnarumma blocks without problems.


86′ – Two more substitutions for Ukraine

Everything is played for all Rebrov. Tymchyk and Sikan are also on the pitch. Konoplia and Zinchenko out.


81′ – Round of changes

Double change in Ukraine: Zubkov and Pikhalyonok they come in the place of Tsigankov and Stephanenko. In Italy, Kean on the pitch in place of Chiesa.


79′ – Konoplia booked

First yellow card for Ukraine. Konoplia lands Chiesa, who was starting on the counterattack: booked.


74′ – Mudryk sends it wide

Chiesa, exhausted, loses two consecutive outgoing balls (triggering protests from his teammates): on the second, Mudryk he goes to shoot from the edge, sending the ball to the bottom.


71′ – Double substitution for Italy

Spalletti recalls Zaniolo and Jorginho and inserts Politano and Cristante.


65 – What a risk for Italy

Misunderstanding between Donnarumma and By Lorenzo: the ball bounces in front of the goalkeeper who does not intervene: the Paris Saint Germain number one is then forced to block Mudryk’s close range attempt.


61′ – Di Lorenzo on the back

For the third time, during the race, By Lorenzo he makes himself dangerous with a header. His attempt, assisted by Chiesa, is lost on the goal.


58′ – Chiesa dangerous

Another great play by Churchwho comes in from the left and shoots, grazing the post to the left of Trubin.


48′ – Italy pushes decisively

Excellent start for the Azzurri, who push on the accelerator. Church tries to create havoc in the Ukrainian defense.


46′ – The second half begins

The second half of Ukraine-Italy begins. Spalletti brings in Scamacca in place of Raspadori.


45′ – The first half ends: Ukraine-Italy 0-0

The first half of the game ends without recovery. Ukraine and Italy they go to the break with the result 0-0.


43′ – Barella tries

Prolonged action by Italy, which leads Stretcher at the shooting: shot blocked by a defender.


32′ – Great opportunity for Raspadori

Great combination between Dimarco and Church: on the Juventus player’s cross, Raspadori doesn’t manage to deflect from underrange by a few centimetres.


29′ – Frattesi wastes in front of Trubin

Great play by Chiesa, who centers and serves Frattesi; the Inter midfielder appears in front of Trubin, but is unable to overcome him.


28′ – Di Lorenzo touches the post

Another headed attempt for the Napoli captain: By Lorenzo stands out at the near post from Dimarco’s corner and touches the post to the left of Trubin.


20′ – Di Lorenzo tries with his head

Corner for Italy taken short on Raspadori; cross to the far post e header from Di Lorenzo: ball high over the crossbar.


15′ – Stretcher dangerous

Very high pace and opportunities on both sides: Barella tries from the edge with an insidious shot, blocked by Trubin.


14′ – Donnarumma responds to Sudakov

Great response from Donnarumma on an attempt from the edge of Sudakov. Ukraine still dangerous.


13′ – Dimarco saves with a header

Insistent action by Ukraine, with Mudryk who flies to the left and puts an inviting ball into the center of the area: Marco’s he saves with his head, anticipating Dovbyk.


7′ – Booked Good morning

First yellow card for the Azzurri: Good morning tugs Dovbyk and is sanctioned by the race director.


5′ – First Ukrainian attempt

First attempt by the hosts: at the end of a personal action, Tsygankov kicks from the edge of the area: easy prey for Donnarumma.


4′ – The flag flies to an assistant

Curious episode during Ukraine-Italy: the assistant who is in front of the benches loses his flag after reporting Zaniolo’s offside.


2′ – First attempt by Raspadori

Very high pace in the first two minutes: after a rapid restart orchestrated by Dimarco and finished by Zaniolo, Raspadori goes to shoot from the edge of the area: ball cleared by the defence.


1′ – Ukraine-Italy begins

The challenge between Ukraine and Italy has begun. Kick-off for Rebrov’s men. A few moments before the start, the two coaches were the protagonists of a long conversation with the fourth official.


Ukraine-Italy, teams on the pitch

The players take to the field Ukraine and Italy. Long conversation between coaches Rebrov and Spalletti. Ukrainian footballers enter the pitch wrapped in the yellow and blue flag. The national anthems begin.


Ukraine-Italy, the fans at the BayArena

The atmosphere inside the Leverkusen facility, which will host the match between the Azzurri and Ukraine, is starting to heat up.


Acerbi: “It’s like a final”

“For us this match is worth a final. Not going to the European Championship would be a total failure. We will play against a team that will do everything to compete for it, but we have the qualities to hurt them. The concentration will have to be very high. For me, playing with three or with four, little changes. The whole team must know how to defend and help each other. Attack together and remain compact. We must have the attitude of a mature team“, these are the words of Francesco Acerbi, to the microphones of Sky, a few minutes before the start of Ukraine-Italy.

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Spalletti furious at the press conference

During the press conference on the eve of Ukraine-Italy, there was a question that infuriated the Italian coach Luciano Spalletti. Here’s what happened (READ EVERYTHING…)


Ukraine-Italy, curiosities

Ukraine and Italy they have already faced each other in Germany, on 30 June 2006, in Hamburg in the quarter-finals of the World Cup: a 3-0 victory for the Azzurri, with a goal by Zambrotta and a brace by Toni. Against Ukraine, Italy has never lost in the previous nine games, achieving seven wins and two draws.


Ukraine-Italy, the official lineups

UKRAINE (4-1-4-1): Trubin; Konoplia, Svatok, Zabarnyl, Mikolenko; Stepanenko; Tsygankov, Zinchenko, Sudakov, Mudryk; Dovbyk. Trainer: Rebrov.

ITALY (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Buongiorno, Acerbi, Dimarco; Frattesi, Jorginho, Barella; Zaniolo, Raspadori, Church. Trainer: Spalletti.


Italy, here’s what would happen in case of defeat

What would happen if Italy were to lose tonight? The Azzurri would still be certain of playing in the play-off for the 2024 European Championships. Here’s who they would face (READ EVERYTHING…)

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Spalletti, the choice on Berardi

A few hours before the kick-off of Ukraine-Italy, Luciano Spalletti released the list of players called up. The absence of Domenico Berardi is causing a stir. Here is the reason for his exclusion (READ ALL …)

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Ukraine-Italy, the odds

The match between Ukraine and Italy is considered as a final. Here are the main statistics and odds of the match (READ EVERYTHING…)

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Ukraine-Italy, where to watch it on TV

Here is all the info on the match between Ukraine and Italy, the last round of Group C of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. How to watch the match on TV and the probable lineups. (READ EVERYTHING…)

BayArena – Leverkusen

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