Umbria Export Ambassador 2023: a focus on internationalization and regional economy

Umbria Export Ambassador 2023: a focus on internationalization and regional economy
Umbria Export Ambassador 2023: a focus on internationalization and regional economy

Awards to virtuous companies in the export sector. Ice research on the potential of regional exports will be presented

The event in Perugia on Friday 24 November at 4pm at the former Borsa Merci in via Mazzini

(UNWEB) – Perugia Illustrate the results of the research that Ice, the Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, conducted, together with the Manlio Masi Foundation, regarding the geographical and sectoral potential of Umbrian exports and create a moment of attention, at a regional level, on exports and on Umbrian companies that contribute through their international operations to creating development, employment and positively spreading the image of Umbria abroad. This will be the heart of the Umbria Export Ambassador 2023 initiative, which will be held on Friday 24 November in Perugia, in the ‘G. Alessi’, former Goods Exchange in via Mazzini, at 4pm, organized by the Umbria Region, Sviluppumbria, the Umbria Chamber of Commerce, together with the Enterprise Europe network and Reo (Regional export observatory) Umbria. It will also be an opportunity to assign the Export Umbria Ambassador 2023 prizes to the companies that, among those that responded to the expression of interest, have best distinguished themselves in promoting Umbria in the world with respect to the four categories they belong to: Export Player, Export Beginner, Innovative SMEs – Start ups and ESG and social impact.

The proceedings of the meeting, introduced and moderated by Rai journalist Maria Soave, will open with institutional greetings from Donatella Tesei, president of the Umbria Region. An introductory panel will follow on the theme ‘The importance of exports as a driving factor of the regional economy’ in which Giorgio Mencaroni, president of the Umbria Chamber of Commerce, Michele Fioroni, councilor for economic development of the Umbria region, and Michela Sciurpa will participate. , sole director of Sviluppumbria SpA. Following, Maurizio Forte, central director for the export sectors of Agenzia Ice, will illustrate ‘The opportunities in international markets for Umbrian SMEs’, Enrico Maravasi, senior analyst Fondazione Manlio Masi (ICE) and professor of the Roma Tre University, with the speech ‘Sectors and markets of potential expansion for the export of the Umbria region’, will present the results of the 2023 report dedicated by the Ice Agency and the Manlio Masi Foundation to regional exports. Finally, Lorenzo Zurino, president of the Italian Export Forum and CEO of The One Company, will discuss ‘The potential and challenges of the US market for the sectors of excellence of Made in Italy’.

At the conclusion of the debate, the companies selected for each category will be invited to the podium. The event will end with the announcement of the winners and thanks to all the participating companies.

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