Macchia d’Isernia, “TerraCielo – Open-air Museum” inaugurated

ISERNIA STAIN – Inaugurated yesterday, Saturday 18 November, “TerraCielo – Open-air museum” on Colle della Duolfa in Macchia di Isernia.

The project, born with the aim of redeveloping and enhancing the entire municipal territory, aims to become an attractive center in the cultural and tourist fields and will be composed of sculptures and works of art which over the years will complete the landscape enhancement.

The “Third Paradise” was chosen as the first installation with the simultaneous inauguration of the park, the symbol inspired by the work of Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Present at the meeting were the mayor of the Municipality of Macchia di Isernia Giovanni Martino, the president of the City Council Michele Mariani, the spokesperson of Cittadellarte – Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation Saverio Teruzzi, the artistic director Antonio Pallotta and the art historian Carmen D’Antonino .

The mayor of Macchia di Isernia John Martin informs that “The administration together with the Smart association decided to create this museum to redevelop the area and make it accessible to everyone. For this we thank Cittadellarte for its patronage. Today we plant the first seed which we hope will bear fruit. We want to give a high vision to nature trails by reclaiming places that are entrusted to us and which are too often abandoned. This is our will and we want to convey it through art combined with nature, restoring a new vision and a new direction to the places we guard. In fact, the work will be carried out through the planting of trees and plants, thus trying to give space back to nature without distorting the characteristics of the place.

Antonio Pallotta (President of the SMA’RT – L’arte sm! association and artistic director): As president of the association and artistic director I feel the duty to thank the mayor and the administration who, through this project, have shown great sensitivity towards art and culture. Let’s try to tell stories to catalyze attention on the territory and, in this case, on the chosen place. We therefore hope that TerraCielo can tell a new story of a place that has until now been abandoned by reinterpreting it with art.

Saverio Teruzzi (Cittadellarte spokesperson – Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation): Pistoletto’s project presents itself as a place of transformation of society. The Third Paradise or also the formula of creation, 1+1=3 the two lateral circles that represent units that are sometimes connected, sometimes they are connected, but when they meet they create the two. In this case, Terzo Paradiso puts the green museum at the center of attention, an open-air route that will be TerraCielo. A project to be continued over time in its uniqueness and which will include approximately 100 permanent installations in an international context.

Carmen D’Antonino (Art historian and head of the Museum): I would like to focus on a very important word: Museum. As everyone knows, the museum is a permanent institution at the service of society which places research and knowledge at the center of attention. Today we must restore knowledge through community involvement. The open-air museum of Macchia di Isernia is a dialogue between the environment and the human being, like the work the Terzo Paradiso. The intent therefore is to create a connection with a balance. A fundamental path for everyone in an interaction with art and nature with a different, experimental and immersive form.


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