Under 15 regional / Report

Under 15 regional / Report
Under 15 regional / Report

THE POINT ON THE 10TH DAY – The trio Città di Baveno, Chisola and Asti only knows how to win. For Biellese, Lucento, Vanhiglia, Morevilla, Giovanile Centallo and Alba Calcio great successes. Ivrea, Atletico Cbl, Cuneo Olmo and Lenci Poirino try to shake up the rear. A round of applause for Moncalieri’s first point and the courage of Mezzaluna Calcio.


The weekend opens on Saturday with the important success of Biellese against the third force Gozzano, 2-1 which regroups the ranking with the bianconeri now only 3 points behind the red and blue, with Verbania and Alicese Orizzonti also approaching the bottom step of the podium . The Verbanese have the upper hand with a 5-1 victory over RG Ticino, while the Alicese team sweats a lot to conquer Cossato, with Brusa giving the victory four minutes before the final whistle. Same result for the league leaders Città di Baveno, which scores 30 in the season thanks to Bellani, beating Sportiva Caltignaga, who performs well in front of the opponent, but is unable to win with the super defense organized by mister Ferrario, capable so far of have only 5 goals under your belt. The second strength Bulè Bellinzago also wins with difficulty, engaged by the combative Borgosesia who goes ahead with Bisetti, but suffers the return of the hosts between the first and second half. Next weekend Baveno could increase the gap between themselves and their pursuers (City of Cossato permitting) by taking advantage of the direct clash between Gozzano and Bulè.
It wasn’t a positive day for the teams in the second half of the table. Juventus Domo wins against bottom team Santhià with a clear 5-0, where Piemontesi’s hat-trick stands out; Oleggio instead surprised the Borgomanero Academy at the start of the match with Testa, but after conceding a draw at the end of the first half with Strada, they gave way in the second half and ended up capitulating 3-1.


In this group B, however, the 10th day opens with a bang, given that the advance highlights the feat of VDA Charvensod against the leaders Pro Eureka. The Aosta Valley team showed off a truly phenomenal performance in the first part of the match, taking a 3-0 lead by the 11th minute of the second half. But the Under 14 regional champions were not willing and reacted vehemently by recovering two goals. The home team held firm, remaining with 10 men right at the end, but in the end they bagged a prestigious success, but above all very useful to continue in the chase for 8th place. However, Pro remains at the top, because Borgaro Nobis does not go beyond a 0-0 draw in the very tough match against Volpiano Pianese. Neither of the two takes advantage of it, but the gaps remain minimal and now it will be interesting to follow the next round, when the seventh team hosts Quincinetto Tavagnasco. Giusti’s team catches the Foxes in 3rd place, forgetting the defeat of the last round, overwhelming Venaria, with Clemente (hat-trick) and Correa (double) stealing the show. For Ouni’s flag goals, in a match too out of reach. The next one is much more significant for them against the first competitor Paradiso Collegno, trailing by 5 points and in this round surrendering to a Rivarolese team who can rightfully harbor dreams of glory, as well as Olympic Collegno, always in the wake of the best thanks to the 5-0 over Strambinese. Of note at 0-0 was the penalty saved by guest goalkeeper Guidetto in Suraci, but in the end the offensive dominance of the hosts came to the fore.
As for the race for 8th place, occupied by Virtus, the weekend also smiled on Atletico Cbl and Ivrea. The former conquered the Virtus field, keeping a clean sheet for the first time in the season and regaining the 3 points that were missing from the 4th matchday; external success also for the Ivrea team on the Gassino pitch, Orlando decisive at the siren for the first external success of Contiero’s boys.


Impossible heads and tails for Cit Turin, who can do nothing in the face of Lascaris. The Bianconeri remain at the top arm in arm with Sisport, who already regulates PSG in the first half and despite the visitors’ reaction in the second, takes home a comfortable 5-2. CBS holds third place with the round 4-0 win over Mirafiori where Trezza’s hat-trick stands out, while the impossible day of the last three in the class ends with the round defeat of BSR Grugliasco on the Alpignano pitch. The red and whites did well to get ahead with Orsino, but the favorite’s response was immediate and left no escape for the final 9-1. This victory allows coach Domizi’s team to get one point ahead of Cenisia, who hit the wall erected by an excellent Lucento, capable of winning 3-0 with a performance of the highest quality. This is how Vanchiglia approaches, who, dragged by Lupo’s crazy poker, gets the better of a Rosta who is good at reacting, but capable of finding the goals of hope too late. Granata sixth at +4 from Rosta and -3 from CBS, white and red who instead have to watch their backs, because the ninth strength Polisportiva Bruinese overcomes the Valle di Susa obstacle and comes close to the contenders.
Very interesting next weekend, where the clash at the top between Lascaris and Sisport and the one at the bottom between Mirafiori and Cit Turin stand out.


An intense challenge was expected between Chisola and the third Cumiana force, but despite the splendid championship played so far by the yellow and blue team, the Vinovesi were keen to make things clear, showing off an offensive performance of an excellent level and confirming themselves hands down as the best attack of the whole category. Busca had the opportunity to strengthen second place, but returned home with just one point more, stopped by Pedona. And indeed the hosts are biting their fingers for the lack of success, having squandered the double advantage by conceding the two goals to their more esteemed opponents in the final stages of the match.
It was a really interesting 10th day, given that there were no shocks up front thanks to the great performances of the teams at the back. In addition to Busca, Cheraschese also stopped, in this case with a defeat suffered at the hands of Giovanile Centallo, Mellano’s star performer for a success that breaks the string of three consecutive defeats suffered by the red and blue team. But the real feat of the day belongs to Monregale, which conquers the Pinerolo pitch 3-1 and raises its odds with a view to salvation. Last week, to shake things up, there was a change of coaches, with coach Odasso moving from Under 17 to Under 15, replaced by coach Bindi. And in the 2009 group something clicked, because after the 0-0 with Pedona here is the feat on the pitch of the 4th team in the group. The road is still long, but the immediate reaction of these kids is applause.
The day of direct clashes in the second half of the table saw the rest of the success of the teams playing away from home. Fossano loses the opportunity to get closer to the podium and now has to watch its back, overwhelmed by the cyclone Chiumino, which in the last two matches has scored 7 goals giving 6 points to its Morevilla; also wins the Nichelino in Savigliano, in this case coming back by building the victory in the last seven minutes of the game; finally in advance of the unlucky Saturday Candiolo, which fell due to an own goal against Cuneo Olmo, who for their part achieved their first away victory, the third in total and always 1-0.


In the Asti derby, league leaders Asti scored 5 goals against Mezzaluna, continuing on their perfect path made up of only victories, but the guests deserve praise for how they approached the match, with so much dedication and determination, conceding one goal for one in the first half. carelessness and still managing to create their own opportunities. In the distance the technical and physical gap became clear, but despite the deficit the performance can give confidence in view of the next three races, important head-to-head clashes to understand in which standings the team will arrive at the halfway point.
Asti flies to +6 on their pursuers, given that Chieri is surprised by the excellent Novese who brings home an important success thanks to Gullo. The fight for the top positions is very heated and Derthona takes advantage of it to catch up with the Azzurri thanks to the clear 4-0 win against Don Bosco Alessandria, who will now have Novese to try to mend 7th place, having to watch their backs for a a challenge that promises sparks until the end even for 8th place.
Following Chieri and Derthona is Acqui with two points, but what a struggle against Spartak San Damiano, capable of overcoming the initial deficit with Lano and falling only 5′ from the end. Alba Calcio, on the other hand, shows off itself with a crazy performance on the pitch of a tough team like San Giacomo Chieri. However, the Alba team shone today and although San Giacomo managed to overcome the double deficit before the end of the first half, the second half was entirely from the away team with another 4 goals for a round 6-2 final, among which the hat-trick stands out of Negro.
In the remaining direct clashes to get away from the hottest areas, Lenci Poirino rejoices, confirming itself as a tough team and taking home a good 2-0 against SCA Asti thanks to Schito’s brace. Finally, the first point won by Moncalieri tooth and nail on the Asca pitch deserves applause. It seemed like everything was done for the home team, ahead 1-0 with Tenerelli in the second half and immediately afterwards left 11 against 10 due to Sorlini’s expulsion. But the guests didn’t give up an inch and within a minute of the final whistle they found the flash with Dominelli to bring home a little score which helps to lift morale.

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